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Zolmaz Zo'Boto
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Default NK - Vs the USA!

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Posted: 13 March 2004 0221 hrs

US warns NKorea to stop exporting dangerous weapons or face world action!!

WASHINGTON : The United States warned North Korea that it would
face action from the international community if it does not stop exporting
dangerous weapons and other illegal activities.

"If North Korea will not act, it will find the United States, its allies and other
partners equally prepared to respond with measures that ensure North Korea
cannot threaten our countries or international stability," said Mitchell Reiss,
the department's director of policy planning.
America's power does not reflect the pessimists. It seems that power and might cannot
be dismissed as a Liberal agenda for cowardice, or a conservative agenda,
but an agenda for stability worldwide.

Speaking at the Heritage Foundation, one of Washington's leading
repositories of expertise on East Asia, Reiss said the United States was taking
steps to enforce its laws against alleged narcotics trafficking and
counterfeiting of US currency by the rogue state.
Don't take this out of text. Read on,

"With or without a denuclearization agreement, North Korea must
cease its exports of dangerous weapons and the wide scope of its illegal
activities," Reiss said.
Imagine that?

Who else would like NK to "knock it off" ?

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