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Misquote on me by you..

The Original quote was...

but in the many Spaniards I work and talk with...they here do believe its ETA or ETA working with Al-Q.

I'm not saying I believe that.I'm saying all my Spanish friends believe it is possible. You have to remember to take this in the context that these attacks occured just before the General election. Both ETA and Al-Q would love to see a general change in the government.

The socialists would love to gain control of the government here and it is known that a small faction of the socialist party here conducted meetings with ETA, which happened to be against the law. So could they possibily work together to achieve the goal to rid Partido Popular (PP) of control...yes


Luri- Yeah I have some time to study them..My masters degree is in Securities and I've had the opportunity to visit the Basque area as well. (The home area of ETA..or used to be before they were outlawed.)
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Madrid has never suffered a terrorist attack, until they supported George Bush's attack on Iraq.

That's like a WW2 veteran saying, "Maybe if I hadn't thrown that grenade at the Germans I wouldn't have gotten shot."
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