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Zolmaz Zo'Boto
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Zolmaz, good grief, I know lets nominate Bush GoD
Cus hes such a fucking good president.
GoD? Thats the EQ expansion. not RL. GoD=EQ Expansion. Ok, class dismissed into reality.

Just what we needed another killer in the White House. Had you
known he was a war president would you have voted for him?
Had I known what? That 9/11 would have happened? Like knowing that Pearl harbor would have happened>? Are you even old enough to vote?

Cus if so please go explain to the mothers of the god fearing
americans who sons and daughters have died for people who worship Allah.
Now there's a statement only a mother could appriciate,.,
*My son was always a good son and never bothered anybody untill he strapped
a bomb to his body and blew up a bus with 50 other people onboard*

You talk good game, go find a widow and explain to her how great
Bush is everynight before she goes to bed in her empty room.
Cry me a river "turd boy" so I can float my canoe.

Schmuck, oh and flame cus I dont give a fuck anyways. Done with this thread. Im not even that concerned of what you think.
Yes you are. Otherwise you wouldn't have posted. Turd boy.

Have a Wonderfull and Happy day.

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