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Default bad idea or good idea?

Was thinking since this is an election year and both bush and kerry are flinging dooty at eachother already, would anyone be interested in having a chat channel about the election?

/join election:election

Although i think im probably the only one who posts here who isnt retired from EQ on emarr.
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When playing EQ I avoid chatting politics like the plague.
"All I said was... that bit of halibut is good enough for Jehovah." óMonty Python's "Life of Brian"
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I don't play it like I used to. I'm always on for chatting. In fact Zolmaz and I chat frequently. If others are willing to do so, I wouldn't have a problem joining a channel.
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Disturbing the force
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I'd be up for joining a channel, but we would need to agree to keep the topics light.
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Zolmaz Zo'Boto
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I wouldn't mind at all Chuk.
But to be honest, the idea might be abused by outsiders who only want
to taunt and troll and not discuss the real issues of the day.

I log into for live chat at times. There is no download
so you can go in and debate freely. No cussing though. They have
many mods in the forum to keep out the riffraff.

edit; Might I add that we could plan a day of the week to use their live chat.
Free and we won't need any mods of our own to keep the trouble out.
All we have to do is set a day and time. I could set up the rest.

And we may get a pass on the heated debates we might get into.
I can ask about that also.

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