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Default 8 months 2 candidates


Looks like the match up is between Kerry and Bush.

Right now according to the polls (never trusted them) kerry will whoop bush'
s ass by a whole 8percent +or- 3percent for error.

But, kerry has had all this free publicity over the last 6 months or so, when are they going to give the conservative some free media?

But on the issues, I see bush is putting at the front kerry's true record in teh senate and how he waffles on every issue,

So who's gonna win.

Oh yeah GO NADER (just to kill the dems hopes). Hey if perrot can do it to the republicans, then nader should get the same chance.
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In a worthy parrallel, Aussie PM J. Howard would lose a general election between his party and Labor, headed by new Opposition leader Mark Latham, if it was held now. Australia is due to head to the polls some time this year too.
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By all rights Bush deserves to lose, but on the other hand Kerry doesnt deserve to win. Kerry's voting record is pitiful at best . The democrats were really grasping at straws when they picked John Kerry as their man. I pity us.
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havent you learned anything in the last few months?

Its not about the best candidate to present to us to beat bush, its who's most electable.

All them New england old money liberals will jump at him through rings of fire if needed. And their liberal kids running Kalifornia into the ground will round up their posse also.
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"Kitties are the Dion warwicks of the shaman world"
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Won't Harry Brown be running for the Libretarian party? I thought he always had his name on the ballot even if he didn't campaign.

My point is the Republicans could loose some votes to him just like the Dems will loose some votes to Nadar.

Originally Posted by Nuzum
So who's gonna win
I don't have a clue. You know how sometimes you just have this gut feeling about how things are going to turn out. I don't have that feeling yet. I don't think Kerry will win any of the Republican voters over. Bush may win over some of the Democratic votes just because of his stance on National Security. The Dem's nor the Republicans are crazy about the Patriotic Act, but some Dem's I have spoken with do like the idea of feeling safer in their own Country. The few Democrats I work with feel sure that Bush will win again in 2004. When I ask them why they think that, they say "he just and see".

As far as the economy, I haven't spoken with anybody that's unemployed. I don't have a feel for what unemployed people are thinking or what they are blaming it on. Most of my political conversations take place at work and at work people just kind of take the economy with a grain of salt. They don't see Kerry doing any more for the economy than Bush has done. I'm in the construction industry and it's slow. I mean it's so slow that it's starting to get scary. So far we haven't had any lay offs in the office. We have other divisions that are doing well and are pretty much carrying us right now. It's kind of a wash because when we were really busy, we carried other divisions that weren't doing so well. My boss doesn't blame it on Bush, he blames it on the Industry.

It's all going to boil down to voter turnout and who runs the best smear campaign. Both Kerry and Bush have enough mud to sling at each other on a regular basis to certainly make it interesting if nothing else.

After the Democratic Convention and once Bush and Kerry start having debates, hopefully I'll get a better feel for who's gonna kick who's butt and who we'll see in the White House in 2004.
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Default And now a word about our Economy....

oh! look at the kitty!
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