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Default Rules for the Bazaar forums.

Those you already know from Kerrol:
  1. This forum is for the buying and selling of Everquest items for in-game pp.
  2. Posting about buying and selling of accounts will not be tolerated. This includes selling of accounts for pp and trading accounts.
  3. Any thread that degenerates into a flame war to the point that the thread is derailed will be locked. If you wish to continue your flames, start a new post in R+F.

    ------------------------------- [ Additional Rules ] -------------------------------

  4. If a bazaar has separate WTB/WTS sub-forums you are supposed to use them! In these bazaars the 'normal' forum to which these sub-forums belong can be used for free items and misc. posts.
  5. Despite of what you may think, bumping threads is allowed but keep it to a minimum. For now we'll set the limit to once each 24 hours.
  6. After your item is sold or you bought what you requested, your post will be no longer wanted, hence we want you to delete the thread/post you started.
  7. Fake and 'humorous' bids/offers are not permitted. Replying to someone's ad with "2 copper" or "1 million" are unnecessary and unwanted.
  8. Since the activity of the Bazaar forum dropped because of the in-game vendor system, and since we have split the forum into two different sections, you may now start multiple threads for different items you're selling/buying. Keep the WTB requests limited.

Make sure to read these rules regularly. They may change when we wish to alter them.

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