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Default Moderated Forums

When a forum is moderated it means that each new thread that is started there has to be validated by an administrator before it will show to other users.

For every Moderated Forum these same rules apply:
- Do not submit a thread more than once. If your thread does not show up within 24 hours you may assume that we decided not to approve your post for whatever reason.
- Replies to existing thread will not require validation and hence these will show immediately. Everyone may reply to every thread.

Our News

This forum is used for any news related to our community, especially EverQuest and server related news. These news items will be displayed as news on our index page. Every user of our forum can add a piece of news to it therefore we also chose that the administrators will be required to approve every thread before they'll be displayed as news to everyone else.

We recently started with this news forum and because of this there currently aren't any rules for what kind of news we want. But really, if you got 3 legs off a fire beetle, this isn't the right place to post it at.

Our Polls

Same story as Our News. This is also displayed on the index page and we currently haven't set any rules about which kind of new threads/polls we do allow and which we won't. We may decide not to approve it for days (or a longer period) to let other and older polls be served first.

In Development

This is the place to post about new and unreleased games with additional information such as screenshots, FAQ, release dates. Only if you know of unlisted MMOG's (massive multiplayer online games of any kind) you may start a new thread here. Please supply information such as the status of the game, plus if there's a beta application available, provide a link to it as well.
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