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Default Upcoming MMORPGs

The information on Horizons: Empires of Istaria is antiquated, and may need to be reevaluated. The updated information is below:

Horizons is the next-generation online,epic adventure. You can meet tens of thousands of people and explore the seamless world of Istaria with beautiful vistas, incredible geology and diverse environments. You are able to take on many different traditional fantasy roles; Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Fiends and Dragons are just some of the choices.

Your character can be further personalized by choosing to be male or female, fat, muscular, thin, young or old. At any moment you can choose to pursue wealth as a prospector or get paid for building communities where your friends create, buy and sell the thousands of items that are available in the world. You can learn powerful magic that can be used to fight, heal or grow, become adept at fighting or spend time chatting with your friends.

Horizons delivers an unparalleled experience to online players. Never before has an online product delivered so many opportunities for exploration, growth, friendships and creation. You can explore new lands and settle property. You can then develop the property in cooperation with other players to contain homes, gardens, stores, schools and many other improvements that give you a way of expressing your will in the world of Istaria. The combat action in Horizons expresses a cinematic quality through the wide variety of attacks, throws and feints. Exciting animations carefully choreographed show a spectacle of precision action and reaction battle.

The world within Horizons will continue to expand to provide you with the chance to discover and explore new lands, where new adventures and new opportunities await. The lure of the new frontier will entice players to leave the mostly tame, settled lands to search out new territory and make new friends. Artifact Entertainment has created powerful world editing tools that allow our creative talent to constantly build new content for the world, and insert that content while our servers remain live. You are able to play in the world while Artifact Entertainment sets up the next live event or details the undiscovered continent.


- Millions of customizations on features that include - armor, weapons, buildings, towns, land, character size and shape, hair, horns, wings, and skin
- Layered clothing and armor to create millions of unique appearance combinations
- Tradeskills ranging from weapons and armor to construction of cities, large defensive towers and transportation systems
- Open-ended school-based skill system allowing you to choose a role for your character and to later switch to a different role if you desire. Prestige schools are also available that provide an opportunity to play more exotic roles in the world
- Build cities and towns in the new frontier, customizing your land as you choose
- Advanced community tools, allowing complete management of player guilds/associations/towns including in-game/out-of-game mail and broadcast features, and a host of group management tools
- Cinematic combat and magic displaying excellent visual indicators of your blows, dodges, blocks and spells
- Advanced AI system that allows for dynamic NPC interaction with the world and players
- Intuitive and customizable interface with hundreds of options to customize your game experience
- Dynamic world, cataclysmic events, ethereal creations, hordes of invading creatures, all changing the appearance and function of the world in real-time
- Dynamic Quest engine allowing you to gain knowledge and skill of the world or to chase the ultimate dream of acquiring land, riches, equipment and fame of epic proportions
- Flying Playable Characters - including Dragons.

Machine Specs:

1.4 GHz or better Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor
GeForce 3 or better
512 MB RAM
DSL or Cable Modem Internet connectivity
Windows 2000/XP
DirectX 8.1a

850 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
GeForce 2
256 MB RAM
56.6 dial-up modem
Windows 2000/XP/98/Me
DirectX 8.1a
Website for Horizons

FAQ, as of 23 May 03


Beta Sign-Up Open now!
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This was updated. Thanks. For those who want to discuss the game Horizons, you can now use the thread in the Upcoming MMOG forum, it's open for posts/replies.
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