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Default Straight from the Devs mouths

Posted by Nrgeth on the Cruicble

Attention Alchemists!
We've made some dramatic changes to the Alchemy Tradeskill which include both the recipes as well as the products. We've taken some time to evaluate the Alchemy skill as a whole and make some very substantial changes in per-combine pricing, sellback pricing, skill-up paths, and product desirability -- All of which will prove to be beneficial for patrons of the skill.

Now, without getting too deep into the changes made, and without spoiling some of the things you'll see in the expansion… We would like to take a moment here to briefly mention the more intrusive changes in the hopes that you will be able to more adequately prepare yourselves for them.

First, we have modified nearly every alchemical recipe that currently exists in game, and when these changes get pushed out to the Live servers, many of the old recipes will no longer work. This means you may find a number of the ingredients you have been carefully stockpiling for months are no longer valid. This also means that it is recommended that you use them up before the next update (which is currently scheduled for the 21st.)

Second, we have modified nearly every vendor purchased alchemical herb that currently exists in game, as well as adding a host of new herbs that we use in the new recipes. There are no cases where we increased the value of an herb, so stockpiling vendor purchased herbs now in the hopes of gaining money is a bit of a futile attempt. We do not recommend it.

Finally, we do not ordinarily announce changes of this nature, however… Given the amount of time and money that some alchemists have spent gathering materials, we would hate to see them suddenly become useless overnight. Please make sure that you use your time and items wisely and as soon as you can.

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