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Default ToTD Changes

Man Touch of the divine 3 was great to me. But ToTD 5 seems to blow. Granted it has save my skin a few times but 3 seemed to pop a lot more. Not sure if Im going to reinvest my AA into it or not. Still nice little thing to have JIC things go bad but not sure if I can count on it.

Here is the article

Apparently, Touch of the Divine wasn't working as intended before the recent AA system change, so I wanted to swing by here to clear up what's going on.

Touch of the Divine, simply put, gives you an innate chance to not die when you normally would have. It should not trigger like Divine Intervention does, but rather only at the actual time of death of the character. Unfortunately, before the recent AA system change, it looks like it was triggering like Divine Intervention as well as triggering on death. When it would trigger like Divine Intervention, it would also wipe your buffs as a side effect. When the AA was rewritten for the new system, the problem that was causing it to function like Divine Intervention and wipe buffs no longer existed.

So, now the AA is functioning as it should have from the start. It only makes its check to save you when you actually die, not just at low health, and it does not wipe your buffs.

Even though this is the intended functionality, it does represent a shift in how the ability works from how it operated before the new system was put in place. Because of that, we are going to issue a refund for the cost of Touch of Divine and leave it up to the individual cleric whether they wish to repurchase this ability. I expect this refund to occur with the next scheduled patch.

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hmmm now that i hear these choices i think ill spend my three aa that i started saving up for this on something else thanks for the heads up on this
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