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Sir CromBattleAxe
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Default Woot a post I can have fun with

Ok starting list 36 major bones.

Not including knuckles Noses and toes.

Age 11 Learning to play basketball " rebounding pile up " left tibia the large bottom leg bone. Fight ensued coach and principal had to pull me off the fat kid that landed on me. I still hate basketball.

Age 13 Right hand all 4 bones across palm "Football" wrapped up a tackle as a team mate hit him dead center on my hand full speed from in front.

Age 14 Enduro Cross " long distance motercycle racing in the hills of New Mexico "Going up a hill at 65 after a long straight away sharp turn at top of hill 3 trees on left one on right. Cliped a rock buried in the sand sent me rocketing to that single tree on the right side of the left hand turn. Clipped it with my left handle bar. Crushed left hand completly spun handle bar into left side of chest destroying all ribs on that side fractured sturnum and broken Coller bone. Left arm and shoulder hit tree on way past shattering both in several places. Upon landing in a rock pile down slope shatter helmet driving Fiber glass back into my face almost severing left ear. Fractured Jaw Cheek bone and skull. " WOOT LOST NO TEETH " Also broke leg when bike tumbled down slope and landed on me. Smell of burning flesh brings me concious enough to push bike off my ruined leg. " Flight to hospital 2 and a half years in and out of surgeries Physical therapy and a life time of bragging rights that "I **^^%$%*%^^( lived" Doctors managed to save ear and put my face back on straight. Told me 50 percent use of leg hand will never work right. I can not play the Violin anymore " Now works for typing at least." I was running 2 years after accident and back dancing 6 months later. " Never tell an Apache we CAN NOT do something "

Age 17 Hooray for Van surfing. " or what not to do when your bored " I started off Sober Sitting in park with friends I climb ontop of buddies van for a better view of surrounding ladies. Buddy says Hope down I am running to the store. other two guys on top with me jump down . I start to climb down when he slams into first peels across the gravel parking lot whips a 180 and heads back towards the rear entrance to park. I fly off top mid way through the 180 do a cartwheel in mid air and damned if I dont land on my feet thinking I am the coolest @#%$ alive. Sliding sideways right foot forward in the gravel towards the concrete starts at the entrance. Never saw it as a big barrier before. Sunken foot 35 miles an hour side ways into concrete. I fell at that point. Jump up yell hell yeah land and scream " ^*&%%&%^)^*^*(^&^^ THAT HURTS " Got drunk as hell here. Didnt take my combat boot off for 3 days cause I knew it would never go back on. Went to Ska concert had a blast in the Mosh pit got really really drunk and suddenly thought hmm maybe I should go to the doctors. Doctors verified broken in 9 places leg fractured but not badly. Had to leave before the cops got there since I was underage and drunk as hell. Never did get it worked on seems to work fine toes dont point the right directions though.

18 Once again what not to do when your bored. " dead sober this time " Full biker leathers " New Helmet " Standing at a Cliff edge where we used to paty and rock climb. Everyone else is drunk. I Swore off booze for a year. Being sober person at a party is really boring. I start looking at this tree that sticks up right next to cliff only about 15 foot out. Note: fire light = not a good source of light when judging distances. Figure what the hell freak some drunk people out. Take a running leap at tree that is actually closer to 25 feet out and catch it about half way down start bounceing and tumbiling down tree finally coming to a rest on my right hip about 40 feet later. Still in the tree. UNHURT Climb down tree

People screaming at top of cliff I am laughing one girl pukes over cliff. Hearing this coming I turn to run trip and tumble down the @#%$ hillside Break a few ribs and crack my left wrist and ankle. Karma I sure think so.

There are a few others just knuckles nose and toes that I have broken but those were the big ones.

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Dalamarn Darkgem
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Default Re: Woot a post I can have fun with

Krim.. AWESOME pic man.. laughed my butt off!! I've taken a few bikes down in my time but never with such grace. Ok, lets see what I can contribute:

1) (Nose broken X 3) Once by lead pipe, twice by fists. First time I was running to help some friends in a brawl. Guy saw me coming and stepped behind a corner. As I rounded the corner he swung the pipe and caught me about 1/2 inch below my eyes. Nose got a little crooked. 2nd time was a fairly standard fight.. guy got a good shot in.. nose went crack.. was a little more crooked. 3rd time, guy sucker punched me in nose.. it went crack.. I felt it.. nose was straight again.. I smiled at him for fixing my nose.. and the fight was on.

2) (Broken knuckles and metacarpals) in both hands from scrapping in my wilder dumber days. (but my pinkies do this neat thing where they pop out of socket now).

3) (Cracked tailbone) Cleared a rail with drainage ditch on a bike, (well.. almost.. LOL) back tire hit.. chain broke.. tire came off.. I landed on my tailbone on the concrete and limped for about 6 months.

4) A (few cracks in my skull) from assorted beer bottles, chairs, pipes, etc. (more from my indiscriminate youth and when I bounced as a 2nd job through college).

5) (Jaw broken) by inept navy dentist pulling a wisdom tooth when I was in the Marines. They said it wasn't broken so it healed wrong (had a non-union) and at my next duty station they had to file it in half and wire my jaw shut for 6 weeks to line up the bone.

6) (2 ribs broken) in a bar brawl last january. Dally vs. 4 meatheads in a bar called "Gutters" (yeah.. I should have known better than to hang at a place with such a name.. but the beautiful bartender gave me free drinks). Some drunk underage chick comes in trying to start trouble. Her BF is there. He said something funny (insulting) to her and I chuckled (I was about 10 feet away sitting at the bar). She walked up with a bottle in hand and asked ,"What the FVCK are you laughing at?" I responded, "Young lady, we dont want me involved in your problems, why dont you just walk back over there?" At which point she actually says "BOP!" and hits me in the side of the head with the bottle. I whipped around on the stool and backhanded the bottle out of her hand (dont believe in a man hitting a woman).

She jumps up.. grabs my arm and yells to her boyfriend that I hit her. So her BF and 3 buddies jump on me (stupid bitch). I take two of them out and the other two and I fight for about 5 minutes (at which point the 3 of us have crashed half the bar and are too damn tired to fight anymore). Near the end, my shoe got stepped on and when it slipped off I went down backwards. Steve Austin (I SWEAR this dude was a dead ringer for him.. I mean.. was freaky how much he resembled him) came over the top of me. He had a knee pressed into the left side of my ribcage as he swung down at me and I was swinging up. I hit the other guy who stood up and kicked me in the ribs RIGHT under where Stevie boy's knee is. CRACK.. 2 ribs busted!

That's it as far as myself. I've broken a few noses, cracked one jaw (not broken), and broke a thief's arm by hyperextending his elbow. I thought he was a good friend, but was stealing from me. I can't ABIDE thieves.

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Old 07-06-2002, 01:28 PM   #53
Ravenloff Soulsinger
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I broke my collar bone when I was younger. Was playing around with friends on Ice. Needless to say I fell wrong and oh boy it hurt. But at the time I didn't think anything of it (didn't want to stop playing with friends and miss something good). So we went back home to my friend's house. Got to his house, tried to take off my jacket and I heard a pop and then the pain really rushed in. I walked the half a block home and told my parents what happened and off to the ER we went.

There isn't really any thing that can be done cast wise when you break your collar bone. They gave me this harness that looped around your shoulders and across your upper body. Then in the back you can pull it to tighting it up, it help retricts your movement a bit to help the collar heal. When the dumb nurse bitch (wasn't old enuff to use those words at the time hehe) thorws it on me and wrenchs it SO tight I was screaming cause it hurt so bad. Needless to say as soon as the nurse left the room for something my dad loosened it up for me.

It took a bit but it healed, was just a hell of a uncomfortable time.
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I broke 3 ribs a few weeks back playing hockey, our team had the puck and we were headed down the rink full speed, the front guy went in & scored, im about to turn around when some guy turned right in front of me with his stick about chest hight, well i was going too fast to get out of the way and took the stick in the middle of my chest, i was lifted about 2 feet in the air and thrown back about 5 feet, and there you have 3 broken ribs and as of now a 6 inch long scar across my chest where the sharp end of the stick tore me open

Gillaen Wychwethyl
Bard of the 52nd Song (retired)

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Old 08-09-2002, 10:36 AM   #55
Baidieneriy Chizad
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Right arm in kindergarten, was spinning in my living room on magazines taped shut.

Right Arm in 2nd grade, Chasing some kid I hate and tripped over some hole in the ground and landed on my arm the wrong way.

Freshman year, broke my wrist running patterns at football practice, actually bent my hand so it was touching my fore arm. FUN!

Freshman year, skateboarding down the "hell hill" of my neighborhood, and this idiotic turkish kid, maybe 7years old runs out in the street screaming, so I swerve to miss his gobbling ass and swan dive into the sidewalk, roll 30 feet into a curb and shatter my collar bone.

Then, last day of sophomore year in highschool, we're @#%$ around, and a brick, yes a brick, hits me in the back of the head. I turn around and say "What the hell is your problem?!" But right before I can attack, I hear "OMG MATT!!!! YOU'RE @#%$ BLEEDING!", So Scooter(my drunk ass homeroom moderator comes running back and asks the everpopular "Are you ok?" response "I just got hit in the head with a @#%$ brick, how the hell do you think I feel?!" He then mumbled something or other, took me to the locker room to clean it out, then sat me in the gymnasium for 3 hours before calling my parents to come get me. That would still have to be the best injury I've ever sustained..was lots of fun.
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Old 10-15-2002, 04:55 PM   #56
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Hey Deea thats what you get for f ucking with me hope it hurt.


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Old 10-15-2002, 06:46 PM   #57
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In refernce to Igota's amusement over the headbutt, that was the worst injury I've ever had. Seriously, it forcibly relocated my nose 15mm to the right, thus ripping it CLEAN OFF MY SKULL, shredding the cartiledge and severing nerve bundles. Thus edging out being accidentaly shot by a deer hunter. 30.06 + calf muscle = bloody hole. and the knowledge that i really shouldnt climb trees and play commando in the deep woods. In deer season anyway. Didnt post it earlier because it was, of course, just a flesh wound. I have to add pages to my insurance forms.
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Old 10-24-2002, 08:58 PM   #58
Kalvarin HolyBlade
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Never broken any of MY bones.. like Greell said so many months ago.. but I've broken a couple other people's bones. Not a violent person at all, was messing around with my friend in like 6th grade or something, tripped & shoved him, he fell with all his weight (lots for that age) on his right arm and S N A P! I heard it

Closest I've come to breaking a bone was on my road when I was a little kid, was riding my bike and it's a dirt road so you skid a lot, was going downhill and took this sharp corner too fast, skidded and slid down the hill like 50 feet, with the bike on top of me.. shreded my kneecap and slit it open, and I had to get surgery later to cut the rocks from the road out from under my kneecap...
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Old 10-30-2002, 09:17 PM   #59
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Seventh grade - after school one day got in a punch my book bag contest. The bag I punched happened to be loaded with a set of marching snare drum sticks (you know, the 3/4 inch think ones). Broke my pinky and the next finger. Called Mom and she said get on the damned bus and we'll go to the emergency room after I am done cooking supper (4 hours later).

Eighth grade - day before Xmas Eve I was playing basketball at the local YMCA, jumped up, caught the rubber sole on my left shoe on someone's leg and essentially broke my foot off at the ankle. Broke 3 bones in my ankle, all 5 metatarsels, dislocated all my toes and tore a tendon all at once.

Ninth grade - basketball - summer league jumped up for a shot and got drilled on the head by someone's elbow, my bottom teeth split one of my front top incisors right down the middle width wise (which hurt a wee bit). Midseason, stepped on the side of someone's foot with my right foot. Fractured 2 bones in my right ankle.

Tenth grade - see above but substitute left for right. Also broke the knuckle of my middle finger on my right hand trying to break a fall Broke 2 ribs and 3 fingers in a half pipe fall.

Eleventh grade - during offseason workouts after basketball, you guessed it, broke my right ankle again. Had to miss my senior season.

College - broke out other front incisor eating a microphone during a particularly rowdy show we were playing (yep I have fake teeth, but they're pretty damnit).

The kicker of the situation is this, since around eighth grade I have been 6' and have gone from 180 to 210. I'm a pretty stocky fellow. All that time and all those emergency room trips and rehab sessions..... My parents wouldn't let me play football. Wanna know why?

They were afraid I would get hurt.

Guess I showed them <snort>.

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Broke Leg, wrist, several fingers and toes. Then I got married. Now the REAL pain begins!
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Razer Zedge
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never broken a bone, but had a lot of close calls.

was at a ski hill once and was speeding down a hill, from one run across another under the chair lift. There were 2 groups of trees to the left and right of a small jump that people usually hit to get a little air but mainly distance. Being bored of the little jump, I noticed that there was what looked like a potential jump beside it, a little bigger, with nice powdery snow beyond, so without slowing I hit it. Unfortunately it was soft and not at all jump like, and my ski tipswent under the snow and somehow down, and much like a rake being stepped on, I went flipping end over end through the air and then rolling first through soft snow then across hard pack. I came to rest on my back, the wind knocked out of me, and after a while I sat up, checked my limbs, all were fine. I reached up to take off my hat and my right shoulder popped out of the socket. Worst... pain... ever. I know, not even close to a broken bone.

Another time I was at a party at someones house, and she had a pool on her back deck. I had wandered from the pool onto the grass in my bare feet, and smacked a friend from behind with a big styrofoam water noodle, so he turned to chase me. I ran full out at the stairs, and tried to jump up a few and then onto the deck so I could escape to the pool. My feet were wet, the deck was wet. the stairs had no backing on them, so when I hit the wet step with my wet foot, my foot and leg slipped and went through the gap. being 200-210 pounds at the time, and running full out, I had a lot of momentum going. So my leg is down a hole, my body is flying UP the stairs. I was positive that I had broken my leg. I hadn't experienced a broken bone before but I thought for sure that I was feeling it. when my body wouldn't go forward anymore, I fell backwards down the stairs, and then in agony rolled around on the grass a little while people gathered to see if I was alright. My leg was all swollen up and it hurt to touch or move it, but after a while of laying there I started to slowly test it out, and in a short while I was able to walk on it, but it still hurt like a damn.
Razer Zedge 65 Assassin
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Elan Cendran
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Never had a break here, but have had many, many sprains and have dislocated my kneecaps on many occasions. Other than that nothing else.
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where should i start? :P

left hand: pinky finger once, middle finger once
right hand: pinky finger once, my actual hand(like inbetween my fingers and hurt badly)

nothing on my legs or feet actually...but i have dozens of bone bruises and such

right wrist once

nose a couple times
..i think ive been to the ER a counted 36 times for stitches, broken bones etc...i have 3 scars on my chin in the shape of a micky mouse face but u can hardly see the first 2 not even an easy bruiser, but ive played hockey/football/lax/baseball/basketball/tennis/golf etc etc etc my whole life :P

oh ya, i have this "keyloid" thing on my right knee because i was playing tag on my street when i was young and fell on a rock...i could see my bone through my skin and stuff it was funny but painful
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Never been to the hospital for anything other than physicals and shots. But I have broken my nose, two ribs (one was a three place fracture), my big toe, and I have chipped my knee cap, my elbow and my big toe on the other foot.

I probably should have gone to the hospital for the double rib break (totaling 4 places), but I was on a week long kayaking trip so it seemed like a good idea at the time to just take some meds and go for it.
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3 Noses. None of wich were mine.
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I got run over by a car while I was on my b1ke 2 years ago....broke my legs, left arm, 7 ribs, nose and hip. I also tore about 10 muscles in the accident.

When I was 8 I broke both arms rollerscating on Christmas day LOL....hell of a way to spend Christmas.

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of."
--Ben Franklin--
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Default Bones

I have broken/torn ligaments in my ankles a total of 7 times, Thank you Father for the incredibly weak ankles. I have put my hand through a glass door once, Got my finger caught in a ring down by the docks on the water, the little rings you stick your fishing rods through lol. And thats about it, still playing soccer and hurting myself and still playing Lacrosse and jazz though. Everquest men are resilient
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Broke 9 ribs in one day, 6 in the morning 3 later that day all of them from mountain biking. broke my both wrists, left one twice, from mountain biking yet again. broken countless fingers and toes(more mountain biking). also broke my collar bone while playing lacross.
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nope never broke my nose before be it as that I have never broke any bone! /knock on wood
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Default Bonez

When I was 5 i was in the snow and went down this hill and hit a rock and flew off my sled and did a face plant into a big log. about 2 hour drive to the hospital good thing i had snow i put it over my nose so i couldnt feel much.

When i was 10 riding motorcross and went off a jump and landed wrong came over my handlebars and hit a rock and broke my right arm. and my motorcycle almost ran over me ;o

Was sleeping on my desk in 8th grade math class and some kid picked my head up and hit it on the desk and broke my nose. i got up and swelled his face shut and broke his nose :D

Was running down my hall and my heat/air vent was up a lil bit (got the metel ones on the floor) and rammed my foot into the and broke 2 of my toes.

Last winter i was gettin pulled on a tube from a Truck and we where going about 40 down this dirt road and wipped around a corner and hit a tree and broke my collar bone and left arm.
Overlord Graiden
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