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Default Gamning Question

Been a LONG time since I posted in this forum. But I have to assume that some of you still actually play the game.

My question is this:

I quit playing when the raids became 20-30 people 'gifting' their money and time
to a guild heirarchy, so that a 'few' elite people could get the great equipment.

I am talking about a minimum of 8 hours on a raid, very likely more, with the understanding that 'I' would likely get NOTHING, except the pleasure of my companions company.

This new game Darkfall, talks about full contact PvP, where I guess you can
kill a player and loot his body. Personally I dont think that is good.
But I am asking for your opinions.
It isnt like UO didnt already have PvP and grief camping.
They did.

Por For.

So lets see what you players have to say?
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That sounds awesome. I would assume there would be level restrictions on who you could attack etc. I would think that a level 60 for say couldnt go beat down a level 30. But I could be wrong on that.
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Sociopathic bully?
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I just think it's great how the years haven't dulled Chiteng's e-angst
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