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Lyroan Goldheart
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Default Nadox

I was planning on taking my guild through Crypt of Nadox and was wondering if anyone had any experiences to share about it.

I've gone through all of the information on Alla's and Illia's websites and have an idea what to expect; would just like to hear from my own community what their personal experiences are for this zone.
Lyroan Goldheart
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I personally do not like the LoY expansion, but many disagree with me there hehe. I would suggest looking up all the quests the zones have to offer ( there are a ton ) There are many mobs that see thru invis, so dont count on that if you want to run thru an area, and watch adds, I believe everything is KoS. Other than that, have fun

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We did LoY fairly frequently in my old guild. Some AE fights (Overseer in Torg, for instance, who AEs feeblemind if memory serves me) to help your guild get used to that aspect of raiding if you aren't already.

Broodmother and Spiritseeker Nadox are the only named mobs there I really remember doing. Nadox is sort of a pushover and Broodmother is soloable by some classes. However, if your guild is mid-50s like we were, they are a respectable and achievable target. If you have 3 or 4 groups of that level I'd say try the spawned version of Inny.
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Hahaha, Inny is a blast when you spawn him and dont mean to. I was there with my guild and we knew what room he spawned in and how to spawn him, as we were getting buffed up to kill the last 2 mobs in the room then Inny, the room despawns and POOF hello Inny. That really was a blast though. I think we got him to 75% before we wiped. Not bad for not having buffs and the cleric was at 40% when we spawned lol.
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I know Nadox very well. Love that zone for single groups. Mid 50's groups will get great exp and have some fun at the same time. There are a few named that will spawn besides the raid mobs, some acually can drop FT items. If Nadox is seeming a little to easy, go to Hates Fury, its a little higher and real easy the crawl thru at 55ish.

If you are going there and need to filla group, please look me up.

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