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Default Good bye Norrath...

I'm leaving EverQuest finally. Took a lot of though and many headaches to decide that this game is not for me; afterall it's just a game. I took it way to serious, and it's time to say good bye.

I had a lot of good memories in Norrath, things that you can't experence anywhere else. I don't know or think I will come back again. It's too stressing for my friends and myself.

Telling my friends and Family that I can't go hang out or do something because I have a raid to go to is B.S. Im tired of telling lies to my friends because I want to fantisize in a pixel world.

Goodbye to all my friends:

Vampiraice: You were very cool to talk to every night, and teaching you to quad was a hard task. But someday you will pull it off

Coajik: I remember you inviting my SK to your guild, had a lot of fun. You made me feel like playing again after I left a guild and had some problems.

Flakao: Damn dude, you were my first friend in EQ. I remember hanging out with you in guk with my SK. You tought me the "ropes" of Upper Guk. We gained so many lvl's in there! Was the funnest time in EQ I have ever had bro.

Emberglow: Leet druid! What can I say? You helped me out a lot in my Norrath travels. Tought me a lot of great druid tactics. Ill see you in SC some time =P

Chobin: Yeah, another druid. Keep it real bro!

Anthiasa: Great bard, was a lot of fun with you in CoI. Wish you the best.

Graesin: You know who you are =D E-mail me some time.

Londall: I havent seen you arround lately, but you were a great mage and a awesome guy to talk to. Have a good one.

Tokkas: You wern't realy a friend. But I remember being in Gfay as a nooby, and you were in wolf form. That was so cool! And you had sow! Best of luck to you.

Vial: Met you back in the day, you were the greatest guy I ever met in EQ. Your sk was just the best! Keep it up, and enjoy your druid =)

Floire: Met you back in the first round of Cries. Had a blast and still did when you joined CoI again! Had a lot of fun talking to you and playing with you. Take care.

To: Legion of Might for giving my first warrior some stuff that was just uber at the time, I realy appriciated it a lot.

To: Cries of Insurrection, I remember the first time arround spending hours and hours (like 6-9) in Chardok trying to kill the Royals. Or wiping on Gore in Dl. Was a blast. With the new line up I got to go and kill every single NToV dragon a few times, did other mobs that I never thought I would ever see. I completed all my EQ Goals in this guild. But tonight I just lost it for some reason, and flipped out. I realy don't know whay I did that? But best of luck guys.

To: all the other people I didn't mention, you know who you are. You made my EQ time the best it could ever be. I wish all you the best of luck in Norrath and with what ever you decide to do.

I don't realy know what I will do with all this free time on my hands. I should go get a job or something like a normal person, or maybie ill get some sunlight? Well anyways it was a blast in EQ. Thank you...
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