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Default discount NEW college text books?

anybody know from experience where to get NEW college textbooks without paying the same price my university bookstore sells them for?

last semester a girl said she bought our botany book for 40$ (that i paid 130$ for) & the lab book for 13$ (new that i paid 65$ for). she said, but all i'm seeing is used books & they're still 90% of the prices the campus store has them for.

i want cheap textbooks! wading through the google search is driving me nuts, so tell me YOUR experience please. :D
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Got some of mine at
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You might want to try Ebay. Some are sold still in their plastic wrap, while others may be used, but not "used". Get me? :P lol Got a book from there that was in "new" condition, for $5 + s&h. Bookstore had it for $30.

Good luck with your book seach, I hate buying books, especially that in the Fall (and more than likely Spring) I'll be taking 18 hours.
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I am so glad I am done with school. My wife only has 4 classes remaining, and her books are outrageously expensive.
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I've always bought used books and never really cared. Saves a shitload of money and they're usually pretty tolerable, then you can still exploit bookstore buyback.
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Posts: 1,253 is where I go to buy all of my books. Best prices on the web I think.
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