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Default dude

Dude heres the thing you arent seeing grec, ok say you do a flag mob 10 times and people still need him but his loot sucks and your guild as a whole cannot progress because it is a hassle getting the people that need the flags in the zone and whatnot and you dont want to leave your guildmates out of the zone. People wanna raid with their guild but they cant attend because they dont have the flags to enter this zone. So do you not progress as a guild and wait about 3 days or so for the flag mob to spawn again (risking it getting ganked by another guild) or do you try and flag everyone that you can at the same time by giving out passwords. Sure your guild would do it for you again but they really dont want to because they could be doing something else that will help the guild out just as much if not more and would be boring. Imagine this, you are at a job, and you cant go in one day, but if you dont go in your job place will be a day behind, however you can get someone to go replace you and do some of the work done for you. Do you A) not trust this person because they can mess up your job (even though you 2 are good friends) or B) trust them and have the job place on task and ready for the next day?
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I never didnt understand that point of view heh

Just showing ya my side, and in the same light saying that if i choose not to give out my password or anyone else for that matter that it wouldnt be an issue of them not being able to raid with the guild I am in currently.. arrangements would be made

Is all
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