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Default Back in EQ

Old player just getting back into EQ. Last time I was online was sometime in 08' where I only played for a few weeks before RL concerns took me away (moving and various other issues). Before that I played pretty hardcore from initial launch until Shadows of Luclin. Unfortunately, all this was on my brother's account (not counting the few weeks back in 08'). My highest lvl seems to be a 51 Iksar Monk and a 46 DE Enchanter. A lot of these new systems are a tad confusing to me, but I'm looking through as many forums/faq sites to find out what I can. I am having some troubles finding people to play with. In the past, I seemed to be able to find people everywhere, but now it seems as though no one is around. Is Erollisi Marr still populated? Or is it that I'm simply too low to really see anyone due to p-lvling?

I'm usually on during the week days (6p-11p cst), random times on weekends, and during the rare week day I'm off: I'm on a lot. I'm a mature player and would love to find others that can steer me in the right direction. I'll be as much help as I can back and be eternally grateful for any help. I'm spending most of my time on my monk trying to lvl up to 100. I got by Weismangler. See you in game.

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At levels under 90 the only place you are likely to find people are in the hot zones. There is an NPC in the Plane of Knowledge who will tell you what the hot zones are for your level range as well as offer a quest that will be worth doing.

Welcome Back.
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I'd agree with Egat, but with a small change. Level 75/80+ is when you'll start seeing more and more folks (House of Thule expansion/zones). That 60-75/80 range is probably the hardest currently to get through.

Othewise, the TSS zones I believe are where you'll find folks in your level range. Do make sure you pick up a mercenary as they can become your best friend when you can't find folks.

The general chat can also share where to hunt for your level.
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