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Default I have returned

And man is this game still fun. Started playing in early 2002, quit in early 2006 not long after PoR came out, was burned out on raiding and/or sitting in the guild lobby with LFG on while reading a book. Played WoW for a while then quit before Cata. I tried to pick WoW back up but it's horrid anymore what with the changes they've made.

My first and main character is a 70 Enchanter named Dirtypop (it was a long time ago and I'm too cheap to pay to change the name and have too much time invested in the character to delete and start over), I don't remember how many AA's he has, something like 120ish I think. He is flagged for Time B and only has his epic 1.0. My main alt is a 60 Monk with 40 something AA's. I've been playing him since I've got back.

So far I'm really liking the addition of merc's and have found that it makes the game much more progressable for me now. Even with the merc's I'm getting the itch to guild up and start raiding, so if you think I'd be an acceptable fit, please let me know.
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