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Default Who dat at da door? Any old schooler MT'ers still around?

Hi Folks;

Wondering if any old schoolers from Morell Thule still around? I'm messing around on the progression servers again and even moved Chiwai back to E-marr with hopes of seeing someone, anyone... but noone I knew. Anyone remember this crazy enchanter from Fury's Edge and the MT forum mod crew? Fan Faires? OMG? Enchanter LFG!

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I'm still here

There are a few of us around still. Best bet for old timers is either in:

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Resolution of Erollisi Marr
Me in Valorguard

And then some of the old guilds are still around with a few players in them. Haven't seen a Fury's Edge tag in a bit but if you knew some of the old Gathering of Banner folks, a couple of them moved to the Roleplay Guild "Sigils" recently and there's some Random Acts folks still around.

I'll be on tonight for sure (it's one of our 3 raid nights). Been out of game a lot working on a AA search website (initially with just cleric info, though can be expandable if other classes want to join) so that's taken most of my gaming time.
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Default Eltoponoir-Wave to old Friends

I will be logging on as soon as F2P servers go online
Eltoponoir Level 65 Paladin Alturistic Valorians United Guardians Temple of Dawn

When I stopped playing, WOW and EQII had just come out guild had cleared all but one of the Plains of Power zones pre-liminary
to gaing access to Plane of Time. I think approx summer 2005.

non-guild freinds were Rudyard, Btech, and Yanuk.


Since then WoW(Sisters of Elune), Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, LOTRO(Crickhollow), SWTOR all to max level also
EVE Online(Crowder) and EQ II.

I will log on 'eltoponoir' nightly for the first week just to see who else has logged on and to check things out.
Unless I connect with a bunch of old freinds or something else grabs my interest I will probably go back to SWTOR
and EVE after that or maybe take advantage of the WoW free level 80 character promo.
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Hey, I am taking advantage of the FTP, and have resurrected Blabberpuss. I even have some old school guilds tags on some of my alts, I collect them. Titan Lords and Relic Hunters. I have an officer in Titan Lords

Anyone miss the Raid Rotation from the old days on MT?
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I definitely don't miss the Ragefire rotation, that's for sure. (Not the one you're meaning I know but it was one that was near/dear to my heart for 8+ months before they made him triggerable in Skyfire.)
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Hey Blabb, good to see you.

Saw the FTP model and figure I'm going to load up just to see who is on and what it's still about, but I expect I'll be just as green when I started the game. No idea what anything does anymore.
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