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Default Booke's dilemma

I am buying these stupid expansions, and always end up doing the same thing. Soloing pirates in Dulak's Harbor, farming cash. I generally always have LFG on, and sometimes jump in a casual group for a Nest or Creator run, but what I really seek is a steady group. Same people that wanna just grind out experience, hit the new content, kill, get loots, have fun.

All of my former friends and previous guildmates have outgrown me, because my job has intensified to where I have to work later than I used to and only have a few hours to play a night, thus joining a guild, raiding..its just not feasible for me.

My other dilemma is, I feel as though I have taken Booke as far "raid-wise" as I can get him. He almost got flagged for Uqua, but stalled. After that, I focused time on alts and had fun there, got my Paladin to 70, like grouping him sometimes, but he is so gimp, he can't MA until he loads up on AA's. I can 2 box most times, but its impossible for me to 2 box and use my pally as MA. Less focus on the task at hand.

My question is...Is EQ dead to the casual gamer? I know this answer gets kicked around a lot, but seriously...How can casual gamers keep up in a society where "mandatory raiding" is the norm?

The last fun guild I was in, I app'ed to MLF and it was great knowing I ALWAYS had a group, but I didn't survive the vote somehow. And, aside from my guild tag now (for travel purposes), I just don't know if jumping in another guild is my answer.

Are others stuck in this position?
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I was once.

All my friends either kept up the time commitment and were far too advanced for me to hang with. Or they left for WoW or Real Life.

So I took up EQ2. Not a whole lot that I can't do with 2 boxes. And fun enough for me and a few friends. It's not the same as having to keep 72 people on the same page, trying to get folks to stick together, etc, etc, etc.
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I'll tell you what I tell friends and guildies who come at me with this same complaint. Form your own group. Yes, you will get some bad groups, but you will also get some good ones and meet some folks that are excellent players. After forming your groups for a month or two, you get to know who to grab and who to avoid. If you play your class well and form groups that are fun, people will start looking for you when they are forming there groups.

/lfg does not work for many classes. Forming your own group will always work as there is always plenty of folks that want to get some xp or explore the new expansion. If your not into forming groups, there are TONS of quests in TSS that are fun, and generally yeild pretty decent xp. The Wanderlust quest yeilds a great charm aug, a good bit of pp, and quite a bit of XP. It's soloable (all you need is about 150 invis potions). Maven in Direwind Cliffs gives the "Finding Felena" quest which yields a good bit of xp for the first step (haven't done second step) and it doesn't require a group, just invis potions and patience to find Captain Vonslu in Steppes. The new expansion is covered up in these quests. They are fun, and the rewards are actually worth the time spent.

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There's still a number of 'casual' guilds out there who are always willing to take in folks, as long as they're not expecting to push the guild into raiding and just there for the enjoyment of the game.
In the smaller guilds, it's still a struggle to find groups to do stuff, but not nearly as bad as not being in one I would imagine, because generally you at least have a start of a group.
You'd be surprised what small numbers of talented folks can accomplish even without being uber geared or aa'd.

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