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Default Farewell Maerah

I'm saddened to pass on the news that Amy, who played Maerah on Erollisi Marr, passed away yesterday after a year long fight with leukemia. A wood elf bard, starting with the old-school roleplaying guild The Knights of the Holy Storm, she made many friends in Norrath, and those of us lucky to made a real-life friendship with her know that vibrant sparkle of hers in game was her own true personality shining through. Maerah embodied the magic we felt when this world was fresh and new - think of her when you walk in the green forest of Kelethin, and wonder at what made this game worth playing at all.
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Is it just me, or are all the old players of eq starting to die?
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That indeed is the saddest of news. She was a great roleplayer and an even better story teller. I remember when she first joined the Knights of the Holystorm, she had way about her that made many smile and laugh. She was high in spirit and fun to group with. It was a sad day when she left the land of Norrath but she kept in touch through our message boards. She will truly be missed.

Lord Walladdor Aspenwind
Guild Leader of The Knights of the Holystorm
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That is sad news indeed. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy in real life several years ago at the Texas Rennaisance Festival. She was one of my favorite fellow guild members and I considered her a good friend. We will miss you Amy.
Perliquin Silverwing,
High Priest of Rodcet Nife
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A few weeks ago, Szel and I happened to talk about her and others we used to hang out with when we played EQ. I was shocked and so saddened to receive an email from a good friend of mine (fellow EQ player) who by chance mentioned this to me.

Maerah was full of spirit, intelligent, wild, well-read, outspoken, cool, sweet, giving, and beautiful. Such a terrible, terrible loss for us...though I'm sure where ever she is (whatever your belief is) she's telling a good story and making people smile.

Retired Bloodhoof druid alchemist
Cassaendra Taeranel (retired)
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I have not been following these boards as much as I should be as ive been playing on a progression server whcih is why I didnt post sooner.

Being a leader of one of the old school evil guilds I had a lot of contact with KHS members over the years, and of course she was one of the ones I had met in game.

She was a great RPer and fun to talk to, even if she wouldnt go out to hunt ever.

She is missed,
Overlord WarSheol.
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Jethal Silverwing
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*an ancient ranger appears from the mist - he draws his bow and fires a glimmering silver arrow into the ground*

"Her heart sang with more beauty than all of Tunare's creation.. Maerah Souldancer, rest in peace"
Maerah Souldancer
WoodElf Bard
Knights of the Holy Storm, Order of Pathfinders, Knighted August 2000

I had the honor of meeting Amy at a FanFaire once and she was as bright and perky as she played online, he would light up the darkest night, when she logged in.. my heart aches to feel this loss.. Mae we love you, be at peace, hon.. *kiss*

(those who played by her side will understand)
Jethal Silverwing
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Legion of Kithicor
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Unhappy Adios...

I'm sorry that it took this terrible news to bring me back around this old haunt. (Surprised the login still worked, heh.) But it needs to be said (again) that Amy was a brilliant and fantastic person in game and out. For one thing, she had a passion and a gift for teaching public school and I think that alone speaks greatly to her character. (She's cracking up at this ... there's no way she'd let me say that with a straight face.)

We shared many special times and I can't quite believe there won't be any more. No more throwing coins at guards, no more pranks on various stodgy (yet lovable) Knights ... even though those things ended long ago, they have stayed with me. And there was always the hope of meeting up somewhere to trade stories over a (RL) beer or two...

Even through the sadness, seeing these pictures again made me smile. What more can I ask for...? Good night, Amy. I'll see you again someday, and you better have some good jokes for me.

Brannod Stormsinger
Drunken Lout of the Holy Storm (ret.)
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I was driving to work today and, for some unknown reason, was thinking of my old Everquest guild. I have not played the game since about 2003 so it's odd that I was thinking of it almost a decade later (even more odd was that I was able to still log into this forum).

One character that stood out in memory the most was Maerah. Out of curiosity I googled her screen name when I got to my desk this morning and eventually came across this forum post. While it's apparently been over 6 years since her passing, this is the first I've heard of it and I am very saddened by the news.

As Nomad, a half-elf Ranger on Erollisi Marr, I became a member of Knights of the Holy Storm around the same time Maerah joined. She was reviously a member of the guild I used to be Guild Leader of, the Inner Circle of Norrath. During my time with KotHS and our previous guild (ICON) I grew close to Maerah (Amy) and we became very close friends in game. I had the pleasure of meeting Amy in person when I flew to Texas from Boston to attend my first EQ convention and, even though she was not much of a football fan, she sat and enjoyed the AFC Championship game between my New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers (the Pats would go on to win their first Superbowl that year) from the hotel we stayed at that weekend because I couldn't stand to miss it.

I was fortunate to spend time with Amy in the "real world" twice more since that first meetup. Once at the Boston EQ convention the following year, and again when she came to visit me at my home for a few days about a year later.

As many have already mentioned, what made Amy so special was her happy and comical nature. She could tell a story better than anyone I've had the pleasure to know. She brightened any room she walked into and you were hard pressed to not fall for her charm and the way she carried herself.

My thoughts and prayers are with Amy. My sadness for her loss is balanced by the thoughts of the good times we shared both in-game and out.

Godspeed, Maerah. You will be missed by many...

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