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Annoc Starshield
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Default Dumbest or Funniest thing you ever did

Yes they can be the same same thing. Obe Wan taught us that it just depends on you point of view. Since I jumped on for a free month I started remembering things I had done in the past.

Well to start of mine was back in 01 shortly after I had Joined Affliction and was heading to ToV. Was probly my second time clearing so I hadn't had much time KoS to the the Dragons so thats where the problem started. I was standing on the far side of the main archway looking at Sont and him Glowering back. I was KoS and knew I needed and invis.

So I get my invis and start to head in and proceeded to do my usual routine when saw the big lizard. That is run right under him and wave as I paseed under his chin. Well if you didn't know he can see through invis when you get that close he can see through invis. So he proceeded to breath on me then beat me down. I did manage not to train the crowd sitting at the entrance but I did get clear enough so it was easy to get my corpse.

So yes I had a crowd watching me die like a bitch when I did this. However it gets better. You see the crowd at the zone was not the only ones watching. There was crowd hanging out invis near Sont also. So when he unloaded on me he got them too. So once I died he went after all the others that he didn't like. Needless to say they died.

So not only did I get myself killed with an audience but I got others kiled too.
Sir Annoc Starshield
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Ice Weasel X
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Glowering isn't KoS. Glaring or scowling'll do ya, though.
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So there I was with a ranger friend running to KC from FV at level 40ish, I had just cast SoW and invis on myself, and we started the run to KC, when a see invis drolvarg started smacking on me. A couple of his buddies joined in, so, my first instince was to start rooting them off. Remember that I had just cast invis on myself... Well, I cast root, and it stuck, on me, with three Drolvargs pounding on me. The ranger actually managed to heal me out of purple clubbing, once, bless her heart. Didn't last unfortunately, and I died rather quickly thereafter.

::snogs Quedara::
Graeme Faelban, Barbarian Shaman of 85 Seasons <Resolution of Erollisi Marr>
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2002. I was with Kaizen`X in ToV. We were about to do Aary. I loaded some new interface that confused me. I hit what I thought was the med button (out of habit when I sit), and I gated. I was so pissed. Meagan gives me a tell, "Why did you gate?"

2000/01. I was in CE. We were in CoM and about to kill that one guy who has some nasty fire-based AE. It was for the Shaman epic. We had two mages with fire pets, and I was one of them. I sent in my pet too early and we all had to re-log. We all logged back in and all went well.

Dumbest things...killing myself with AE. Training the crap out of camps because I looked around and didn't see my pet anywhere...but I would see "Taunting attacker."
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Default Dumbest

Shortly after getting the Exodus AA and going on a Deshane raid and having said Exodus hotkey beside my /sit button...........
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Banez Wight
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I once ate at Taco Bell three times in one day.
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I just got into HHK, (back when HHK was the place to leve at that level range.l) Anyway was there with my wiz, I bound myself in the raider room and gated to Nexus for something, mainly because my group didnt want to wait for me to come all the way back through EK or the other way through rivervale,

You can probably guess what happened next. Group Disbanded when I was gating back, and full pop. I managed to get a couple before dying, and dying, and dying, and dying I had to shut my computer off land log onto an alt and had a friend clear out hte RR so I can log back in and begin the slow rezzing process lol. That sucked.
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I think it was some pally or monk, I forget exactly, that talked our upper teens groups into killing the ogres in Tim Deep. Man, awesome exp and more FS weapons than we could carry! I didn't recognize the faction hits though so at one point I asked him if they were bad. He's like naw, they don't affect anything.

Yeah, it sucked being dubious to the Outpost in OT all through Kunark. Think about the only place on the continent I could sell was in DL at the combine spires. Fun
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Exarch Burro
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-Killing an entire United Independent raid with Dozekar and then getting locked in the GM jail in Qeynos Sewers for doing it.

-Running around and kill stealing fableds from 12+ people while dualboxing.

-Getting skeletons stuck at The Grey zone in and getting a Magister cleric killed 3 times because of it
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Old 07-26-2006, 07:22 AM   #10
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So, here i am on an Anguish Clear. The night before i had won a Windfury Kitana off of Yar'Lir and auged it with a Chaotic Strike aug. helpful for when i tank. also at the time my highest dps weapon cuz this poor ranger didnt have his 2.0 yet. So, here we are in Anguish at Ture. Im goin to town on him with my windfury, not remembering tha i have a stun aug in it. First time the RL calls AE RAMPAGE i run back to the lil cubby where all of our healers are sitting, so i waz not in AE range. all i saw waz Vyrance yelling " SITRUC NO!!!" to late. Ture waz in the cubby with the cleics and rest of the guild durring his AE Rampage. Gratz me on the coolest raid wipe ever. =P
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Default re

Well Sitruc told so I gotta.

Was doing the bazaar thing selling some stuff one night when I get a tell asking if I would come to NC and help someone. (Can't remember who it was.)
So I head out and zone into Dranik's Scar. I turn on travel song and I'm running toward the zone when they tell me nevermind. So I turn around and head back to the PoD. When I get there I hail a couple of times before realizing I am invised. (late night lol) I click it off...and fall 2 inches for 20k dmg and die. Seems I had forgotten to dump the 250k I had on me into my bank.
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Puus Nboots
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Back in the day, I used to take my first rogue, Tredani, to the PoD lift in Kelethin. I had a hot key all set up so I would just target someone and then they would see this
Stop thief! <Tredani>
Tredani has stolen 5 gold pieces from you!
Tredani shouts"Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!"

God that pissed some peeps off.

Used to turn my lvl 4 enchanter into a piece of platinum in front of the kelethin bank and see how many people tried to pick me up

Led a trail of baggies to that mean dog in RV (can't think of his name) and watch the lvl 1's and 2's get ate up (while sneak/hidden of course)
Phantom of Triune

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Stupidest thing I ever did, got totally wasted one friday night absolutely off my face, it took me 15 minutes to turn my PC on.

Burmaben starts talking to me and I end up getting invited to go along on a resilience raid to cause extra DPS in plane of earth (when GoD was being worked through), and they put me in the MA, SA and OTs group, as ya do I spose *scratches head*.

Well the fight progresses and do my best to tank, the clerics end up letting me die even though I could tank! Then when the named comes in (Peregrin I think), they pull him to zone, and just as he goes round the corner to the zone, they engage him, I go to open up with Lure of Fire, and being absolutely hammered I didn't realise that I had a portal spell in my number 4 gem.

Next thing ya know, me, the MA, SA and OT appear in West Commons, the raid chat was silent for about 20 seconds before someone said "Err...Where's the tanks?"

They wiped

Big time

68 corpses at zone in
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Every time Burbblekut yelled "Follll4low3olllll mee33ee!!!".... I actually did.

Raelven ~ retired Coercer, Dark Elf always!
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My funniest moment was when I first got the game in March of 99.

Installed it.

Created my first character: a wood elf bard on Bertox.

Within 30 seconds of entering the world for the very first time, walking off a platform in Kelethin and falling to my death. It was like an omen of things to come!

The original 65 DESK
Midnight Fury
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