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Tehya Dewdancer
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Default She's back!

Hey all,

I'm really coming back into EQ, it seems like nothing else could hold my interest as well as this game did over the years. I played 1999 - 2/2007, some of you might remember me though I doubt it LOL

My rusted 75 Barb Shaman, Tehyas (fka Tehya - exguildie of Reviction), has moved back home to Emarr. I have a lot of catching up to do LOL

Anyways, howdy and it's good to see you all again.. it's great to be back! If you do remember me please send a tell (/chuckles.. yes good or bad), I'll be looking forward to renewing the adventure.

Now... to catch up on all the expansions since Burning... omg!

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