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Default Bumble's endorsements

The recipients of my endorsements may be able to use their endorsement to catpult themselves to the nomination.

On the Republican side-
John McCain, is not your ordinary politician. He is more like Nelson Mandela than he is like George W. Bush. While other candidates argue they have more experience and have better judgment, John McCain has actually lived the experience.
While as a P.O.W. he led the American captives in maintaining both their dignity, patriotism and strength. He showed leadership as a young man that many of us could only hope for. He was tested then in the harshest of conditions. Many with political aspirations could use this to catapult themselves to untethered political heights. He has used this narrative, but he has done so humbly. It is a strong part of who he is as a man and this narrative is also a strong part of who we are as a country.
He is a humble man. He also is a fair and decent man. The Dems have flirted about pairing tickets with him, yet he remains the most overall conservative of all viable candidates on the Republican side. One gets the feeling that should he get into the presidency, this would be a walk compared to his days as a P.O.W.
He also is a humorous man. He laughs often at himself and has the ability to be as spontaneously funny. His personality would not divide the country ala the Bush arrogancy. He has the right temperament to be Prez.
He also, is not in bed with any ideology or corporate entities. Although it may have been political suicide, his support for his immigration bill showed courage in conviction. He will continue to buck the popular opinion to do what he believes is right. He also knows when to back off from political mistakes. And that is where he has proven himself on the presidential trail.
For the Republican nomination for presidency of the US, the Bumbleroot Press endorses John McCain.

On the Democratic Side-
Initially Barack Obama was going to get this endorsement. But when paired against the likes of John McCain, his main argument of uniting the country becomes moot. John McCain will be a uniter and that leaves Barack Obama holding the bag and looking like a candidate with no purpose.
There are less viable qualified Dems for presidency but if, after a year a person can not raise their profile to the point of being a primary tier candidate, they have problems getting their message out. Joe Biden is a good example of this. He has the qualifications and foresight to be president but he talks too much and doesn't inspire people. That is a big problem for one aspiring to be the president.
Although constantly shadowed by the behemoth campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, John Edwards has continued to maintain his viability in the campaign. This is a strong test for a future leader as they will go up against a Congress at some time in their presidency.
Although Obama is often compared to RFK, it is really John Edwards who most closely resembles RFK. His platforms are almost taken from the RFK playbook. He is an economic populist. He says he stands for the common and the poor and his life's work reflects that. He chose to make New Orleans the site of his campaign kickoff to remind us that there are the two Americas that he speaks of. He was right. His message of economic populism will play well in a recession which is most likely the case in the coming year. He will right the balance that has more recently tipped towards the corporate side.
His biggest tests in life were rising from a lower to middle class upbringing to wealth by his own ingenuity and hard work. And the death of his son. Rather than wallowing in his own grief, he moved forward and saw a higher purpose in his life. This reflects his strong optimism and positive view of life which is what Obama has been wearing on his sleeve.
Unlike other big candidates, he is not associated with any big celebrities and doesn't lean on others for his stature. He is humble in this regard and he shows a stronger faith in himself.
He matches up against Republican candidates better than any other Democrat. There is a reason for this. His message reaches across both aisles. He doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve, but he does have strong religious beliefs. They have always guided him. With a wife battling cancer and the tragedy of losing a son, he is more than likely spe nding more time in true prayer than any other candidates including the "preacher-candidate" Mike Huckabee. He could have used this occassion to back out of his campaign, but given his history, he has used tragedy to make himself stronger. If he were to change this about himself and had chosen not to move forward he would have been on the wrong personal course. The adage "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" is what John Edwards is all about.
For the Democratic nomination for presidency of the US, the Bumbleroot Press endorses John Edwards.
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Originally Posted by Bumble
For the Democratic nomination for presidency of the US, the Bumbleroot Press endorses John Edwards
Really? I don't see him as having a chance at all...and I think he is too weak. He would make a good VP, imo.
Once is an anomoly, twice is a statistic, three times is the imminent takeover of the Devil. -Kulani
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Considering its only the eight inning, the object up until now is to remain "in the game". The game is won in the ninth inning.
Fortunately I get to vote on Feb. 5th this year. Hence, my primary vote isn't merely a formality.
Personally I like Obama and Ron Paul. I don't think Paul would make a good president but I like who he is and what he stands for. I also like Obama, but I do question whether he can truly move our country forward or not.

Here are my views on who I personally like. Let me remind you that I hated Nixon but I thought he was a good president. I don't think you have to like someone to believe they are a good president. These are in order of their likeability.
1. Obama
2. Huckabee
3. McCain
4. Kucinich
5. Biden
6. Paul
7. Romney
8. Edwards
9. Richardson
10. Clinton
11. Giuliani
12. Thompson
13. Hunter
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