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Default Shortcutting a phpbb for an updating news page?

Regulars on the tech support side of the boards will know that for some time I've been looking to put together an interactive web site for my Galaxies player association.

It took me a while but I learnt enough with help to get my own php board up and running. Template is now installed and pending a few tweaks the forum will go live in a week or so.

Now the fun starts because I dont like phpnuke. It had too much I didn't want, not enough of what I did want, and I couldnt get a decent template for it. forums were crap, etc and I dont have enough sql dbs to do it right.

What I want to do is put together the main page of the site now but I want to use the template im using on the board.

Since the forum is nothing but a bunch of references to a database is it possible to just repost the forum templates into the main directory, remove the general forum rubbish and create a main php file for the body which links to one thread in the forum?

That way when updating the front page all the officers would have to do is edit one thread in a forum which could be hidden from the rest of the guild.

Can it be done?

If so can anyone give advice?
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