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Default Intel D865PERL Mobo

Alright this thing is kicking my ass......

I am using an Intel 2.4 Ghz 800 Mhz FSB Processer
1 Stick of Kingston DDR Ram (Tried multiple slots) Yes it is dual channel, but it supports a single stick.

If I plug in nothing but the memory and the Vid card It attempts to boot, but gets invalid system, kinda odd. Wants boot media.
Using an Old PCI video card to ensure that isnt it.

If I add any IDE device, FDD device I get the Intel Splash screen, and Escape takes me to the Press F2 for setup. I press F2 and I get NADA. IT says entering Set

To say I have been working on this POS for a week would be an understatement. I have replaced multiple mobos in the past and am rather fed up.

So I appreciate any help, however with the following caveat. If you ask me if I have the proper PS, or other silly questions I wont appreciate that. I am really looking for anyone who has had this specific problem with this specific Mobo.

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Banez Wight
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Did you search I find that to be a great resource at times.

Good luck Sil, hope to see you in game sometime :P.
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Default BIOS reset

Invalid system is a pretty normal error if no OS is found... not sure why you thought that was odd. Anywho, check manual for a method to reset the BIOS, usually you remove a jumper and fire up the box, then power off and replace jumper, then try to boot up. (or something along those lines, some of them you short out two pins) Some manuals wont have this info in it, I've had to check mfg websites or call their support before to check procedure.

Sadly if you can not get into your CMOS's BIOS, and your BIOS wont recognize an (E)IDE device, a new motherboard isnt much more than the labor costs of getting a new CMOS soldered onto your mobo and then flashed with the latest BIOS. (also check into your stores and/or mfg's warranty)

Could try another stick of known good memory. Is/was your BIOS setup to do the quick boot or the full (4-5x) memory scan each boot?
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