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Default Satellite Modem?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a satellite connection? At my location its satellite or dial-up. I have read the specs and they aren't that bad but I have not actually seen it in action.

Again, any information would be appreciated.

Ryzan the Retired Warrior
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I know one thing about satellites. You have an unavoidable 500-600ms latency.
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Ok...the basics about Satellite systems.

Satellite systems have a very high download rate but it's done in blocks. You'll get a massive burst of information followed by nothing for many seconds.

The upload rate also seems to be done in the same way. A fair amount goes up, and then it stops whilst bursting every few seconds.

So what's really going to happen then.

When you TV signal comes in this way the right amount of data is sent and is buffered in the memory. You don't spot the difference between a constant download.

When it comes through to your PC though what you'll notice is that clicking on a web page will give you nothing for a few seconds and then all of a sudden you'll have the lot on your screen.

Problem is this is no good at all for any form of gaming. You'll hit a key and it could be 5 seconds before the information is sent, could be more. This is why a lot of people use a dual mode system, Satellite to download - modem to upload.

Some of the lower band satellite systems will receive data even less and you will not be able to maintain a connection. You'll connect to your online game, the computer will realise you aren't receiving any data and you go LD. Every time.

Honest opinion. If all you're doing is downloading large files a satellite system might be good for you. If you're doing anything else dont bother.
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