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Default My ISP sucks. Looking for a free site host.

When I first signed up with Road Runner, they gave me some webspace as part of my subscription. Since I'm a paid user, there weren't going to be any ads forced upon my content. Then a few years ago, they converted all member pages to one of two services: larger storage with only a WYSIWYG editor based on a template and RR ads, or FTP-supported storage for full control of what's there. I never was granted write access to my own account via FTP, so I never added another file to it. RR support previously cut me off during a tech call while they put me on hold to "look up my account" to see why I couldn't "do FTP." Yes, the tech actually said, "do FTP." That's like telling someone to "do English" instead of "speak/use English."

Anyway, I got fed up and didn't contact them again till recently. They told me RR had discontinued all webpages and FTP support. Never notified me about that. They still have a section of their site that leads to member pages and FTP applications to use to work with that content. Nice, huh?

The last time I used a free host was back in the 90s, when people were on GeoCities, Tripod, Angelfire, and Homestead. Almost all cases were ad-based. Just Googled free hosting and saw that a lot of services are now Allowing over 1GB of storage, support for multiple dynamic page formats, without forced ads. The problem is, a ton of those services sound like spam heaven, with foreign domains, numbers in their domains, or both. A lot of their introductory pages look like they were written in the 90s, and I haven't found any reliable reviews on the ones that pop up in early Google searches (reviews are hosted by the business being reviewed or a rival, not a 3rd party).

Do any of you know of reliable, trustworthy, non-ad-based free hosts with large space and robust file support?
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