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Default HDCP and HTPC issue

My Free-To-Air home television viewing experience was trimmed a bit shortly after a local commercial broadcast TV network (GEM-tv) reconfigured their new HD channel's audio stream (HDCP= High Definition Content Protection). There is now no sound when I view that HDTV channel with my LeadTek DTV2000 H Plus TV encoder card although it supports HDMI (there's no HDMI port though?). I have a simple x2-satellite +sub-woofer Altec Lansing speaker arrangement for audio. TV sound is controlled by VIA embedded controller onboard the m/b. I recieve FTA digital television via external antenna aerial ported to a wall socket which I double down to a pc aerial that goes into the tv-encoder/decoder tuner card. I don't tune into a cable provider and don't subscribe to a cable tv service so 'online connection' isn't configured.

Nvidia Control Panel reports nV-7600 GT graphics card (PCI-e x16) and the Benq M2700HD 27inch FHD (widescreen) thinggy are HDCP capable *see wiki link* (nVidia Control Panel says they are fully compatible).

Windows 7's HDMI digital audio format settings apparently do not support HDCP with my hardware/cabling spec. (no cable into monitor which has a HDMI port and 'speakers'). The m/b is an Asus P5KPL/1600 and perhaps that is all that needs to change because there are no HDMI ports on it. The new HD content television station signal is the only HD channel I cannot get sound from now that the broadcaster has a slightly different audio stream protocol (mpg2 vs everyone else's AAC).
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