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Old 06-23-2002, 06:27 PM   #1
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Default Any ideas to actually "reserve" a raid

Two days in a row, I had posted a joint guild raid here for PoH, and noone else had posted...both times, there was aother guild in there and they did not defer to us. I know that one cannot "reserve" a plane or a rad, but what the hell am I honoring other peoples posts if others don't even check here or honor our posts?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to actually get a group together (planned in advance) and have that place be open at the designated time?

All suggestins are welcome!
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Old 06-23-2002, 08:22 PM   #2
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To answer your querstion... No.
There is nothing you can do but continue posting and hope that others honor the fact that you are taking the time to actually let people know your plans. From what I can tell, most of the people who lead pick-up raids will not interfer or schedule a raid on the same day a previous raid in the same location has already been posted prior to theirs.

The Uber guilds unfortunately do not have the courtesy to check these boards since they do not require pickups. Although some of their members and even raid leaders read the board on occasion, they still go by the FFA standards or first come first serve philosophy. There are some Uber guilds that will avoid a conflict but others still just don't give a @#%$. Its too bad really since this idea was a really good one to avoid situations like you had before.

Best of luck to you and your best bet is to plan a raid at a time that you can break the zone prior to Uber Guilds prancing in.

Officer of Divine Synergy
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Old 06-23-2002, 09:58 PM   #3
Tyloth Dreamweaver
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Yes, unfortunately unavoidable at times. "Uber" guilds (if that is indeed your problem) will go up without checking or honouring board notifications due most often to thier goal. Chances are if there is a guild raiding say Hate, it is because Innoruuk is up and/or epic mobs or in the case of the lesser guilds it is a general raid designed to equip smoe of thier members.

A 'rotation' with the planes would be ridiculas. There are already more than enough rotations set up that are not neccessary as it is. As much as it woul dbe nice to be able to call a plane for a day I do not ever see this happening (and still will not be honoured).

The other problem I can see with interferrence to your planned raids is, TIME!!! Try doing your raids in a more uincommon time period
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Old 06-24-2002, 04:07 PM   #4
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Default Not possible...


Unfortunately the bottom line is that very few people actually read this board...especially the Dragons & Planes board. Not everyone relies on the D&P forum to get them to new places. No, this does not mean everyone else is in a top-ranking guild - but they may be in a guild capable of gathering people on short notice.

My best suggestion to you would be plan your raids at non-peak hours.
My second best suggestion is to have back-up plans.

Now as to "honoring" the Dragon & Planes forum...Please take a second to re-read the post up at the very top of this forum. In all honesty, you can not be bound to "honoring" someone elses intention if you don't read this forum. There are no rotations on Emarr and there are no reservations, as you have already stated you understand. Given that information, the best thing to do is to go somewhere else and try again later. Good luck & best wishes.
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Old 06-24-2002, 06:06 PM   #5
Sandain Swiftheal
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Default Re: Not possible...

Most high level guilds only goto the Old planes to kill the big mobs there. All the other mobs are a waste of time - and the armor rots.

I suggest just talking to them nicely, perhaps they would let you come up, help kill, and loot all the 'yard trash' mobs.

It also goes both ways, CT may be up, but a mid-high level guild is up there equiping thier guild members and have no intention of taking out the God. We have had to wait many many hours, after a certain guild refused our help to clear the plane - letting them have all the loot, and then when they got wiped they declined our help on the CR.

Both kinds of guilds get frustrated for different reasons. I suggest you just contact the raid leader and have a nice amiable chat and you never know what could happen.
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Old 06-24-2002, 06:31 PM   #6
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Good advice by all. I appreciate the suggestions and different viewpoints. As per the "no resere" policy...I knew that, but I was a little ticked after 2 in a row. But we have now scheduled for a very early time (at least for those on the west coast) and hope that this will work.

Neither of the guilds in there were "uber" and neither had more than 15 members that I could guess...they were there for the same reasons we were...a little lewt, a little amor, nd maybe, a sub-boss/

LOL...I have no intention of meeting Innurok, or any of the other lvl 70gys, but the sub-bosses are fair game!

Once again thanks...look forward to killing Innurok one day with you all (in another

Orchard Field (ranger with 1 of 2 epic swords!)
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Old 06-24-2002, 09:21 PM   #7
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Default Not even uber

Hehe, every one assumes only the Uber guilds don't read these forums, trust me 99% of my guild doesn't read the Emarr forum and we are not in any way "uber."
Everybody always says have a plan to go somewhere else.
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Old 06-25-2002, 05:57 AM   #8
Seanchan ActiveWorlds
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Default Re: Not even uber

I've experienced the same frustrations, especially back when I was working on my epic and needed the golems in Fear to be up. I remember getting into a pissing contest on this very forum about the lack of consideration of the ubers for the little guys. I lost that fight to an overwhelming number of people who told me where to get off.

So, consider the planes to be FFA, regardless of whether or not you have posted your intentions on this forum a week or more in advance. It is sad but true, that the guildless and small guilded are at extreme disadvantage for accessing epic mobs or the more lucrative gear. There are some large raiding guilds who do show compassion, A Twist of Fate comes to mind. But in the end, guilds look after their own, that is one of the purposes of a guild and membership in one. Sadly, many players finally succumb to the desire for epics and uber loot and leave their small guilds to join the larger guilds. This only accerbates the problem in the small guilds and continues to create the need for large guilds to farm loot in places the small guilds would love to experience but are denied.

My own guild, ICoN, is just now becoming planes capable after many months of building. I certainly read this forum and will honor anyone posting their intentions to raid a certain place. But ICoN is just one guild and our impact on raiding certain zones is still small compared to the larger guilds, therefore, the problem of FFA in the planes will continue. I know it is a cop out to hear, but anyone planning a planes raid should have a back up plan in place if they find their intended target is already occupied. Have another zone as a secondary raiding area. If, when you arrive at the planes portal and find the planes already full, be ready to shift to "Plan B" and just move on without any fanfare. Don't send nasty tells to the group already occupying your target, for it serves no purpose to burn bridges. As someone else suggested, you might try identifying the raid leader of the current raid and see if your raid can work with or join their raid. Even if they are curt and perhaps a little rude to you, respond with courtesy and then move on.

For the small guilds who are interested in planes raids, you are certainly welcome to visit with me about a possible joint guild raid. ICoN has done this with a few other guilds. Our combined power may be all that is needed to do the job and therefore negate the need to put together a pick up raid. ICoN's web forum is and our website is

You might also consider looking at the guild coalition, Immortalis. This coalition is a long established and successful partnering of several small guilds, my own included. Their web forum address is

There is no need for members of small guilds to give up their family and social atmosphere to join large raiding guilds. If we work together we can have our cake and eat it too by maintaining the small and more intimate guild associations and still be able to access the uber loot.

You are welcome to visit with me in game (Seanchans) or email me at if you want to talk further about this issue.

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