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Fadien Freespirit
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Default Interesting Trick.

I found this on the EQdruids message board.

Note: The only browser verified that this trick works with is IE. AOL doesn't work, not sure about Netscape.

Copy and paste the following into your Address bar.

javascript:if(frames.length!=0){alert('Does not work on framedwebpages!')}else{'fliph()'} void(null)

Edit: I tried it on this message board, and it doesn't work with frames.... I couldn't tell there were frames on this message board.... *shrug* Copy it, go to and paste it.
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hehe, I love putting tags like that in my pages as hidding mouse overs
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while that was amusing, I noticed that there was a second vertical scroll bar that appeared and could not be manipulated, do you know of a command to add in, to allow that scroll bar to be used and hide the old one... picky I know - but it would confuse the masses I am sure... heh
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