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Default Just for Brigiid

I found this pretty fucking hysterical, but you're probably never gonna see it!
The cheapshot after he talks to the camera gets me every time.
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Lightbulb beat mobile phone thieves

The force will use a handheld Apollo device which scans IMEI numbers ?C barcodes found in every mobile ?C and provides information about the registered owner.The technology was introduced around 18 months ago and is also able to identity stolen iPods and MP3 players.The force will try out the new wholesale mobile phone technology later this month.Cumbria’s new Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde, who is also president of the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB), presented an award to Radio Tactics Limited ?C the Apollo providers ?C this week to thank the company for its support in the fight against cyber crime.He said: “As technology gets more wholesale phone sophisticated and expensive, so it becomes more attractive to criminals.“I am committed to finding more efficient ways for officers to wholesale china phone out their work within our communities and trialling this new technology will allow them to have instant access to accurate information to make informed, speedy arrests and recover more stolen phones.”
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