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Default Erollisi Mounts

So many games have mounts or vehicles of some sort, and usually a few prestigious ones that people want. The choices are pretty limited per game, and there isn't much room for customization. I was just thinking about that, and was kinda wondering what people here would ride. Based on reputations and/or actual comments, here's what I visualize as personalized rides for some of our posters. If you have ideas for anyone, post 'em. No calling your own.

Martigan - I could see him sitting on the creature in the last panel, using its eyestalks like joysticks and commanding it to stare down his assailants. (original artwork here)
bumbleroot - He gets not one, but two rides. /rimshot
Davek - All aboard the Coke Bear! (alternate pose)
Ini - RAWR!
Lurikeen - This because it has this between the seats.
Drysdale - After seeing the dwarf costume, I think he'd fit perfectly on a Drysdale Ram.
Brigiid - Interpret this as you may. (Don't they just look so determined?)
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I love how Shep is getting some ass!
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Man that just rolls off the tongue nicely.

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I know, you're in Ottawa, Davek. Still, I can't help but /poke you.
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And of course, IWX needs to ride all the girls who sent him signals that he was completely oblivious to!

We'll call them the Ice Weasles!
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