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Default XiFish (February 2008) Release

Copy from taultunleashed:

Updated 12/15/07 by WyvernX

--Fixed a bug in the Normal Reel method where it would keep reeling when the rod was centered.
--Fixed a bug in profiles that would cause a crash if the profile did not get saved correcty.
--New profiles now default to the "Normal" method of reeling. This is the recommended/safest method. Other methods write to ffxi memory and can be detected eventually.

Updated 12/13/07 by WyvernX

Fixed a few bugs with Fish names.. this may break existing FISH ID's!!!
Vista should be working again. You will need .net framework 2.0 installed.
You can now catch gold/gil in your fish only list.
Window now pops up at 0,0 by default, delete your resources folder to reset.

Updated 12/8/07 by WyvernX
Added a vista compatible version.
Fish now match database!!! You are welcome!
Fish now correctly show name when being caught.
Now supports up to 80 inventory slots
Supporst Ebisu Rod.


Updated 11/23/07 by WyvernX
Fixed the library issues and several others. Should work as intended. Now.

Updated 11/21/07 by WyvernX
Working with latest patches.

Updated 4/1 by WyvernX.
Working with latest patches.

With only slight modifications here it is:

XiFish - Formerly MrFish - New and improved exclusively for TaultUnleashed!

-Fixed normal release method.
-Added Auto Deplete
-Added Release Delay
-Fish-Only list now saves when you save your profile
-Display On-screen log toggled off will now work correctly
-The On-Screen log is cleared whenever the bot is paused.
-Your maximum inventory space is now automatically calculated
-Offsets now are now found, meaning the offsets will always work
-Faster loading/login time
-Annoying Name changer removed
-Statistics are updated less frequently, removing a HUGE chunk of CPU usage.
-The bot searches for bait/rod in your inventory before trying to equip. (faster)
-Fixed a bug with Rod2 not being equipped.
-Changed Rod list to reflect new rod scanning method
-Fixed a memory leak

download link: h ttp://
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