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Default Why Should I still play EQ

My story is that i've played Eq off and on since 2002, when i last took a break i was in a guild that was just about in time, since i've came back my guild is gone, im lvl 66 and cant get a group unless i devote a day to sitting and have LFG up, my gear is utter crap compared to people that have over 10k hp mana unbuffed.the bazaar is run by a handfull of people working for IGE or whatever the hell there called. All i can do is try and solo PoP zones where xping once your 66 is painfully slow.
It used to be you could come home from work and raid with your guild for a few hours, now that i am out of the raiding loop due to my lvl gear and aa
there is no way to get back due to the gap they've created, being every exspantion they come out with creates a greater gap, and i dont have the time to sit and grind for 12 hours a day to try and get back. It appears they've made is so the Elite become better and everyone else is just Ranger trail juice.

I've always kept up with formus and now see people's complaints about how they've ruined this game. I tip my hat to those people that took a great game a trashed it.

From a discouraged 66 Ench /finger sony
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Try looking for a guild that is where you left off? Or at least close to it.
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That reminds me of someone eating a shit sandwich who is happy that it has 20% less shit.
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I came back from 2 years off about 6 months ago, and I was in your shoes, hell, honestly, I am still in your shoes. But the thing is, that's ok. Upgrades come, levels come, and AA's come. Just gotta be a little patient
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There is a guild for just about every progression you want. I would click on the guild links forum and browse through there. A few you might want to look into are Avatar Elite, Sanctuary of Marr, Affliction, and Carpe Noctis. I haven't checked requirements in any of these, but I think you are probably pretty close to meeting reqs.

When looking for a guild, make sure to find one that suits you. Read up on there raid times and philosophies. Some folks have mandatory attendance for raiding, some have mandatory attendance if your online, and some don't have mandatory attendance what so ever. Raid schedules vary from guild to guild as well. Find a guild that matches what you want to do in game, post that your interested and ask what you will need to get done to meet the requirements.

As for groups, best thing you can do is form your own. There are plenty of folks out there LFG. Your best bet at level 66 is Walls of Slaughter. Arch camp is a great spot to get runes for your OoW spells as long is there isn't some higher end folks farming it for cash. Just pick up a puller, healer, and some assorted dps and your golden . LFG tool is the greatest thing! Form a few groups, grab a few levels and aa, make a few new friends... before you know it, EQ will be fun again .

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not to sound totally stupid, but it probly is, but what is the bazaar ige?
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Originally Posted by solicia
not to sound totally stupid, but it probly is, but what is the bazaar ige?
That would be the people who farm stuff to make pp to then sell for RL cash.
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I know, you're in Ottawa, Davek. Still, I can't help but /poke you.
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HI there Nekramlla

What time zone are you playing in, and what times do you usually get on?

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eh, Sorry for miss-spelling your name

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Also, if you are into them, monstermissionhell things! You can go to like, Nek, and everytime I am there, I see at least 5 or 6 pepole shouting LFMM no timer! Hang out in these zones yelling lfg if you want to do or are interested in doing, those typ of tasks.
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I get groups on my cleric (67) and beastlord (66) pretty easily and neither of them is geared especially well (the bst is pathetic). Just gotta be proactive.
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Mystical Lightfighters is another wonderful one like Avatar Elite (both from the MT side of the merger).

Raiding with family, at their own pace but forming bonds and helping each other is more important than seeing their name in the top guild list.

On the gear thing, since OOW came out, things have gotten MUCH closer between raiders and non raiders. Especially with DoN and DoD missions.

1) Almost all DoD missions have 150-200 hp/mana drops on them. Some take 1.5 hours; others may take more for the less experienced/geared.
2) DoN has tradable crystals and doing missions you can earn gear or plat to buy some of the tradeskiller items (many will make it for free or minimal charge if you bring them the ingredients). Timewise DoN missions take less than 2 hours a piece; many can be done in 30 minutes by a group whose done them before.
3) OOW has the single group MPG trials which can outfit someone in about 5-8 areas with 200 hp/mana. MPG is here for 120-135 hp/mana legs, and other drops. RSS for 135 hp/mana BP and mana/hp/ac augments (lvl 69 required however).

There are LOTS of paths out there for group gear, and it comes to about 70% of what raiders can get (not counting DoDH gear, a cleric can get to 8k+ mana or 78% of my mana pool as a semi-high end raider). My alternate magelo shows what's possible; it was developed shortly before DoDH came out.

I don't speak for other classes, but I would believe they have to be comparable. But yes, it will take work and doesn't come super easy. But neither does getting upgrades via raiding.

From what you said, you already DO fight quite a few guild's requirements. Just have to find them. Good place to start is to post on the guild lobby "looking for guild" board or chat with old friends you still have in game.
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If you have to ask yourself, then you prob shouldn't be playing


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Default not to be a prick

not to be a prick but there has NEVER been an easier tim in EQ to gear up a lvl 66 toon then right now. between don and dod there is no excuse for anyone to be a gimp anymore. i have a sk mage and cleric. so long as i have lfg on, and am in a zone where groups happen i never wait more then an hour. mostly in minutes. Noone ever wants to play with my mage but i still made him from 66 to 70 in a few weeks and thru dodh groups (mostly pickup not many know my mage is me) have geared him up decently, he have about 7500 mana...not like a top raider but good enough to get accepted into a guild for sure
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