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Aerrow Trueflight
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Default Chain story.

I did one of these a while back and it was pretty fun. Figured id give it another go. The next person adds onto the story, and plz keep it funny and try not to kill the ranger all that much!

___________Tear Line_____________________

A lone Ranger spys his target from a tree top 100 yards away and knows what must be done.

Aerrow begins to cast a spell....

"Dam!" he wispers to him self. "No batwings"

Cursing Tunare for not bringing any regents for his levitation spell Aerrow attaches a long rope to the end of one of his Trueshot arrows. He notches the arrow to his bow and aims for the tree nearest his target.

The wood of the bow flexes as the might ranger heaves backwards, chanting anchent spells under his breath. His eyes glow bright and silvery as he lets loose the arrow. The gleam in his eyes follow the arrow and help it find its mark.


Aerrow ties the opposite side of the rope to a tree branch hovering above him and loops his bow around the string. Leaping off the tree both hands holding tight to his bow he slides gracfully down the rope landing lightly on yet another branch.

Unstringing his bow he stores it in his rucksack. He stares down at his target and.....

________________________Tear Line______________________

O yeah i cant spell and im to lazy to use spell check lol

Enjoy and keep it clean for the most part /chuckle
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