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Default A dark beginning

Chapter 1: dark beginnings

Darkness had finally fallen outside the shaded valley. The night was
overcast and very dark, a chill brisk wind was blowing from the northeast, and the ground russled with the fallen aspen and elm leaves. The near utter darkness did nothing to deter the 3 sets of wide eyes peering from a sheltered valley to the north. Three rather small, glowing sets of eyes that framed three small elven faces, awash in wonder.

"Imagine what that ole codger, Zytel would say if he caught us here,"
giggled one piping voice.
"Hush, Jai, you know the stories of loud mouths getting silenced in the
common plains." Jaileint tries to quell his restless soul and turns red as
his sister holds her hand over his huffing mouth.

Quickly, three small forms flit across the dark valley and emerge into
the open lands of East Commons. They wander some time, quiet as the dead, until one spots something of irrisistable curiosity.

"A house, surely a home of one of the light races."
"Wonders upon wonders, lets get a closer look."

Again silent, the three dark children creep closer to get a view of the
small thatched hut and freeze as the loud sounds of approaching humans comes to their pointed ears. Jaileint turns quickly to get a glimpse of these wonderfull creatures of myth, "wild humans." What meets his eyes astounds his senses, two beautifull human maids, dressed in long flowing gowns walk down a small dirt path towards his position in the bushes. What an adventure he was having. He, his best friend Xavek, and his older sister, Ssin'rai, had sucessfully escaped their house in lower neriak, stole through the town, entered the forest of Nektulas, and found their way to East Commons. And now he was actually seeing wild humans with his own eyes... and beautifull ones at that.


Jake watched the shadows with angry eyes. The lurkers had returned and would surely make off with more of his grain this night. "No! By Karana's might, I will not let them rob me again." He quickly took down the runed blades of his youth off the mantlepiece and felt their weight. It had many a year since he had used these, and they felt odd and ungainly in his hands.

Outside, and excited whisper carries to his sharp ears, "Just look at
that, there must be untold wonders inside a wild human's hut.... Hush, Jai!
Mmmph..." Yes, the lurkers sounded to be dark elves. Jake knew enough of their language to recognize the strange accents and slurs of the dark speech. They would pay for their thievery this night, indeed.

But wait, was that Jessa and Blythe returning from the neighbors? He
would have to act quickly before the murderous bastards could molest his women folk. In a blur of motion, the tall human bursts through the window and into the night. Tracking by sound and instinct, Jake rapidly moves in on his enemies slashing into their prone forms.

This is too easy... They are not fighting back or even trying to flee.
But wait, one was fleeing now, one he only scaped in his initial assault.
"Oh my god! Jake, are you alright?"

Jessa runs to inspect her husband and stumbles on a still form. Looking down, she lets loose a horrid scream.


Pain lances through his back. He has left a sticky trail through the
brush that will soon attract many predators. The small child coughes wetly and gasps for breath. In his mind he sees his headmaster, Zytel, lecturing him about the dangers of the faithless savages of the outside world.

Jaileint weakly attempts to crawl further into the large briar bush he
spotted moments after the devil had attacked. The small body is leaking it's lifes blood into the hungry pagan soil, and death is but a slow hour away.

His mind ablaze in pain and unable to breath, the child collapses. He
retches, but only blood and bile leak out of his mouth. Jaileint falls into
a semi-concious state and nothing but darkness fills his vision. After a
few moments the darkness stirs with a small red mist. A quiet, hissing
voice whispers into his mind, "breathe, my son, you must breathe." Seering pain tears Jaileint's chest apart and his vision blurs with sparkling stars.
Several small yelps and buzzes herald the deaths of many would be hunters around the plains. A green mist settles around the small form and enters the wounds on his back and legs. It is not enough. The body has been healed, but the spirit wishes death.

Jaileint sobs, he knows his friend and sister are dead, probably his
fault. Wasn't it his idea to come here? Didn't he speak too loudly? He
invisions his mother, the way he always imagined her with long soft hair and large luminous blue eyes. Mother, i wish to join you....

"No my son. My dark child. You will live to avenge your friends, to
bring my message to the heathen races, to become my champion," the
whispering voice again. "I see I must be more persuasive. Xavek, Ssin'rai, come to me, children." Jaileint sees two dancing lights speed thru the darkness and continue right into his own form. His mournfull mind is accosted with visions of his sister and friend, and his ears with their mindless screams as their souls are consumed by the hungry red mist and transferred into his own essence. Jaileint feels the pain of their deaths and sees the hate and anger in the eyes of the killer human.

"You will be avenged, you will be avenged" says a new small but very evil voice....


Jaileint hurried through the streets of the third quarter mumbling a
name, "Xervai." Not much of a name, he thought. Must be a nickname, or perhaps a commoner. Anyway, he was supposed to meet this person at midnight in the alley between the Blecht fletcher and the warrior's guild and he was going to be late. This whole enterprise was turning into a headache.
First, he wasn't allowed to enter into Necromantic training because he had
been "tainted" by the outside. And now this nonsense whispered from an
elderly man about Xervai. He was beginning to think that his family had
been shunned because of the loss of their matron, his mother. Aunt
Tr'eseali had taken leadership, but she was a froppish woman with none too much ambition or gaul.

And the elder.... who was he? Even now, Jai's young mind could not recall exactly what he looked like or even the name he had given, although he was sure he knew these things just this morning... All he could remember was a frayed gray cloak and two very intense eyes.

Ah, here is the gate to Commons, almost there. "Halt!" a booming voice
barks from the corner. Jaileint freezes for a breath, then vanishes into a
darkened alley. They won't take him back to his family this night. He
couldn't let that happen, not yet anyway. He had things to do that his aunt
would not approve of.

"Xervai.." Jaileint whispers into the darkness. He sees nothing in the
alley, his night vision cutting through the shadows. "Damn that old
beggar." The child turns to go and suddenly there is a body in the way. A
youth, perhaps 16 cycles, bars his way. Strong arms wrap him up in an iron grip and he comes face to face with the stranger. A female stranger...

"Who do you seek, little one? Perhaps you wish to make a donation to my
coffer? You see I'm a priestess of Innoruuk and I'm collecting." An evil
glint enters her eye as one hand searches Jaileint for a purse or coin.
"Ah, a housed one? Royalty, per chance?" She smiles as her hand finds a
small bag of platinum coins. "Innoruuk thanks you for your faith." With
that the girl flings Jai to the ground and turns to go.

"Wait! You can have the coin, just tell me... Do you know a man named

"Hssss! That name is forbidden in Neriak, you should know that. Why do
you seek her?"

"Her? Are you this person? I was told to meet you here tonight by an old
man in gray, who sat on the bench outside the House of the Dead. I seek the service of Innoruuk, although I have been turned away by the guild."

"Hmmm... yes, I know the old one... I serve him, you might say." Come
with me, we must talk."


It was windy and cold again in the commons... Seemingly nothing had
changed in the two years since the death of his sister. Leaves rustled
across the ground seeking rest from a torment of wind. The moon and stars were hiding from the viscous storm that brewed in the distance. Distant thunder could already be heard, heralding a storm of some might that would certainly drench them before dawn.

Xer, as he now knew the lithe young girl, moved like a cat through the
shadows of the valley. He was hard pressed to keep within sight of her
without making a loud wracket. As Jaileint tried to stifle his breath, he
caught a familiar sight up ahead... a single light on a battered hut. A
human hut.

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