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Jethal Silverwing
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Default All fades to black.. the final chapter

In the misty hours of early morning, a darkened figure lays his head down for a few hours of rest.. as his eyes close, he finds himself, strangely, at the foot of the Tree of Life..

"This cannot be.. how am I here?" thoughts race through his mind, knowing the consiquences for entering the Plane of Growth, even so long after his banishment. Quickly, he tries to call forth the mystical energies of his living Breastplate, once the property of Tunare's Avatar, Tolan.. but nothing happens.

"Calm now, Dark child of Growth.. she would not summon you here only to harm you." Prince Thirneg's voice came through the rustling of leaves as he rounded the corner in to view.

The Ranger bowed his head in admiration, but never let down his guard, as the Satyr approached.. "Then why have I been summoned after these many years? Only to torment me with the awe and magisty of the wood once more, before casting me down again?"

Thirneg stood before the Ranger and shook his head.. "You know, young Elf.. most who have been cast from Tunare's graces usually are consumed by Innoruuk's Hate very quickly, but you.. given the circumstances.. took this test.. and though you joined with Kithicor, whom you know by now was cast out himself some time ago, continued to do Tunare's will.. even if some of your methods were questionable.."

"A time of change is coming.. the world will be shaken to the very foundations.. and we offer you the chance now to serve Mother Tunare once more.."

The Ranger's ears perked up

".. but there is a price" Thirneg cocked his eyebrow and awaited a responce

"At what cost then, would I be given this gift? The priests of Kelethin and Felwithe knew of nothing which could cleanse my soul of the curse brought down upon me." he shifted in his boots alittle uneasy.

The sky above them lit brightly and Tunare's voice rung like a silver bell from within the great Tree of Life.. "Jethal Silverwing, the price for forgiveness is high indeed.. you must leave behind you everyone you know and love.. friends, family, allies.. you will be stripped of your abilities and start life anew.. in time, your power shall return to you.. and so you now must choose.. Serve the Light, or Remain enshrowed in Darkness and face the times to come from the shadows..

His head was swimming.. leave everything and everyone behind.. was she kidding? oh, but the chance to be in the light once more.. what has he dreamed of for all these many years.. to be in the service of Mother Tunare once more.. what he Must do was clear.. but the price would be heartbreaking..

"May I? .. say good bye to my friends, first?"
".. no" Thirneg shook his head

Tears rolled down his face.. both in happiness and the pain of a new loss.. to lose his friends and family.. but he knew what had to be done.

"I am ready.."

Tunare appears before Jethal as he bursts into tears, he falls sobbing at her feet.. "Please Mother, forgive me.. I have wronged you.."

Tunare raises him to his feet and lightly kisses him on the cheek.. and for Jethal Silverwing.. all fades to black as Prince Thirneg catches his limp form.

"Do you think it fair to his, that he not be allowed to say goodbye, and have them know that he'll be alright?"
"Perhaps not, but in time.. should they ask the right questions.. the truth shall be known.."

"M'lady.. the council has decided, then?"
"Yes, Thirneg.. (she sighs) Quellious, Erollisi and I fear that many will die and suffer needlessly.. but this is the will of the council...

The following morning, travelors find a newly born sapling deep in the heart of Kithicor's Forest.. embeded into the ground nearby, a silver arrow.. it's fletchings shaped as wings.. engraved on the shaft.. "Jethal Silverwing - Rest in Peace"
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