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Default The Return part 2.....

/ooc , As to many request's I have began work on a continuation of the first story. I do hope you all enjoy this one as much as the first, Also this one wont be released all at one time like the first one was, so keep looking for updates to it , Once again enjoy and now
On with the story....

part 1.. ........................................

The visitor.

As Amezka lay there , the scent of the dead still in the room , she had a creeping feeling run up the spine of her back.

It was the feeling of cold.

"Anyone there?" Amezka asked.

No response.

Feeling uneasy Amezka stumbled out of the bed and made her way to the door. What ever the cold was , it was in this room and she didnt want to be there.

Outside she was met with the warmth of the sun. It wasnt a painful feeling as before , but this time it was soothing. Perhaps it was soothing because it wasnt the cold chill she had just experienced, regardless she was glad to be out of that room.

"Amezka," asked one of the priest's from the Temple of Marr that was overseeing her recovery, "What are you doing up, you need your rest."

Amezka just looked at him and smiled, "I am fine."

In the air there was another smell she hadn't smelled in a while.

"Care for something warm?" Amezka heard someone ask.

"Hello Scarlet," Amezka happily said as Scarlet handed her a cup of hot tea.

"Thanks," smiled Amezka.

"You should be laying down," said Scarlet.

"I promise I am fine," Amezka said.

"Well to be safe we better keep an eye on you , last few weeks have took a rather long toll on you." Scarlet said.

"Few weeks?" Amezka thought.

"You dont remember much do you?" asked Scarlet.

"Nothing." Amezka said.

"Well maybe its better off like that , atleast for now." said Scarlet.

"Come on ," Scarlet grinned," There are some people waiting to see you."

As Amezka stood up she looked back at the hut she had been in and once again the cold chill filled her spine.

............................................................ .................................

Chapter 2.

Some old friends....

As Amezka and Scarlet walked through the city , Amezka noticed that everyone seemed to stare at her. Feeling uneasy Amezka raised the hood of her cloak so that hopefully people would stop looking.

"Over there," said Scarlet pointing to a small pub.

As the two entered the pub , Amezka was greeted with warm smiles of everyone in there. As she looked around she saw them all , Jethal , Lorcan , Tabbiekat , Batiste and Lueinu. There was many others there also that she had met in the past.

As Amezka looked around at all the familier faces in the room , she noticed someone sitting in the back. The figure was dressed in black and wore a hood over its head conceiling it entirely.

Then the chill came.

"Who is that?" Amezka asked.

"Who?" asked Jethal.

"In the back ,who is that?" She said.

Scarlet and Lueinu turned to look at the back of the room , then turned to Amezka.

"There is no one there."

Indeed , the table was empty. Something else was gone to thought Amezka. The chill that she had felt earlier was gone now , just like the figure in the back, gone without a trace of ever being there.

"I need some fresh air." she said as she walked to the door.

Scarlet stood up to follow her ,but Jethal stopped her,"Let her go for now, she is safe within the city."

"Do you think she remembers?" asked Batiste.

"I don't think she knows what happened , but just that something did," replied Scarlet.

"It will take time," said Jethal, "What she has been through is unimaginable, we just cant let her know what happened."

As Amezka walked through the city streets she could feel the eyes of everyone watching her again. Then Amezka saw someone. The shadowy figure from the pub was there. Amezka moved closer this time to try to get a look at the face under the cloak. Closer she moved and the figure remained. Now upon the figure Amezka reached out and lifted the hood to see its face.

As Amezka stared into the eyes of the figure she felt the cold chill circle her whole body and she couldnt move. All she could do was look into the eyes of herself.
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