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Default A rogue's duty..<a short story>

Every once in awhile a great warrior emerges from the forests of Norrath, this is the story of one.


The sound of the morning bells rang throughout the city on this morning.
Today , unlike the rest was different. The city was recruiting for there guards postions to defend the city lift's from the orc.

"Today is the day!" Exclaimed Amezka, as she hurried out of her cot and into her beloved chainmail. As she put on her boots she glanced at a patch givin to her by group of travelers that had passed through there city at one point in time.

"This will bring me the luck I need," she said. As she grabbed her belt of daggers, she slipped the patch down into the sheaths of one of her dirks.

As the bells rang men , women and child alike came out to watch the trials of the chosen few to take the place as gaurdsmen to the city.
Amezka , along with about 15 others made there way down to the bottem of the lifts and into the trees deep below the city.

Although the weapons would be fake the combat was real. If you was to "die" you was eliminated from the trials. In the end the strong shall emerge to take the prestigue positions of guardsmen.

Amezka walked down through the crowd knowing she had more to prove then most. Of all the warrior and ranger present she was the only female, and for a female to be a guardsmen that was unheard of.But still she was there, to prove to everyone she was better.

As the combatants flooded into the areana Amezka just smiled and sat back , after all who would worry about a female when there are so much more to worry about. As the warriors was eliminated 1 by 1 Amezka's chance grew.

Just as the last warrior was eleminated the last remaining one , uncohearent of Amezka's presence, raised his swords in victory.
As he stood there celebrating thinking he had won, Amezka moved in.

She had multiple jabs in before the warrior even realized she was there. After several swipes and misses of his swords she stepped in with another jab of a dagger and the warrior admitted defeat.

Amezka has done the unthinkable ,she will awaken in the dawn of the next morning to join the ranks of the elite guardsmen of the lifts.
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