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Default It's Not Your Time.

This was something that I came up with a while ago and posted to my Guild's Forum. This was my first attempt at writing anything and I, quite honestly, made it up as I went along, but it was heavily influenced by the Elusion Fields scenes from Gladiator.


The Darkness came quickly and suddenly.

Where was I? I cared not. I was at piece. The tranquil darkness was soothing and I did not want to not move. I decided to lay still, and I felt myself drift through the air.

Then the bright lights came. Brightly coloured lights with no source. I had no idea where they came from, they just ‘were’. The lights danced around in my eyes leaving spots as if I had stared into the sun for too long, but there was no pain.

The darkness started to retreat and the lights faded. They were replaced by a light blue vista with a mountainous horizon. I felt soft grass on my back. Startled, I sat upright with a panicked jolt. The quick movement made me dizzy for a moment and I shielded my eyes from the bright sun now breaking through the clouds.

I didn’t know where I was, but it was like paradise. I had no idea how I arrived here, nor did I care. Everything was unfamiliar yet I knew this place.

I stood up finally and looked around. The gentle breeze quietly whistled in my ears as I noticed that I was standing in a large field of flowing grass surrounded by mountains. The only unique part of the landscape was a single tree off in the distance. It was compelling, so I started towards it. It reminded me of the tree I had on the farm when I was a child.

We had a large willow back then, and it was very tall, with a trunk so large that five men could stand hand in hand around it and still not complete a coupled circle. The trunk was curved like a bow and the canopy shaded the large area of ground where we played. With my childhood feelings flooding back, I smiled at the memories as I approached.

But someone was there. Sitting under my tree. They stood up as I came closer and their face was hidden under the tree, but I could tell it was a woman. The sun seemed to magically move behind her, shining through her flowing gown, making it appear translucent and accentuating her curves through silhouette. I moved closer and she stepped out of the shadow.

“It can’t be,” I gasped as I stared into the face of my lost wife. “It just can’t be you!”

A tear formed in my eye. I had not seen Naria since…I couldn’t remember. Confusion rushed over me. Where was I? Why is she here? She’s…

I felt a hand touch my cheek, wiping away the tear that had rolled down it. I came out of my thoughts and look at Naria’s soft glowing skin. She blinked a tear and took a step back.

“It is me, my love, but now is not your time. Your friends are still in need of you.”

The pain was unbearable. My very soul was being torn away. I screamed out as the landscape stretched and Naria moved farther away. I tried to reach out and hold on to her as the surroundings started contracting into a single point of painful light.

“I remember now! I need to stay with you!” I screamed!

I did remember. It was the orcs that attacked our town. Our home! And they took her from me! They killed her in her sleep! I finally found her and she’s being taken away again!

“No!!!” I screamed!

I could no longer stand and crumpled to my knees. The pain searing through my body was unbearable and I clutched my chest in a vain attempt to hold onto my very soul. I was being pulled, but to where I did not know and for the first time in many ages, I was frightened.

The blackness swiftly vanished once again. I took a gasping, and painful, yet life-giving breath. I opened my eyes to see where I was, but could not distinguish anything. I bolted up in a panic, and hands grabbed me by the shoulders and held me steady. My vision cleared and I looked into the face of an armour clad woman with long red hear.

The air was hot and the sky was almost black as I looked up at the dark mountains and before long, I knew where I now was. Back in Skyfire.

I tried to stand. “Take it slowly Legate,” Kuroi said calmly. “You were struck from above and were downed.” I stared at her. Pain welling up from my experience

“By the Gods, Kuroi! I saw her! She was there!” I exclaimed she pulled me to my feet.

“I know, Legate,” she started as she moved me toward the battle, “And I am sorry, but we must hurry. We are still in need of you in this life.”
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