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Originally Posted by AjTaliesen View Post
this I don't know. I was regurgitating what I've heard. Never done math myself so really, it might just be untrue.
I can personally confirm that a 50 Caliber bullet through the brain would be more cost effective (and possibly less painful, since you can't even hear the shot before the bullet has perforated your cranium) than paying for room, board and cable TV for Bernie Madoff for the next 1-25 years.

There isn't much doubt that he is incredibly guilty. Why is he living on taxpayer money? He has a sentance that is longer than the average humans lifespan (by a magnitude of 2) and has no chance for Parole from a federal court.

Argue against killing Mr. Madoff, and before the Red Herring of "Well who shootz teh bulletz then?" I'm sure we could get a firing squad consisting of people who were ripped off by Madoff.

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At some point your crime is impressive enough to warrant lesser sentence.

Besides, I may be one of the few people who doesn't get worked up about Berie Madoff. I have a hard time making myself care when rich people looking for an easy way to get even richer get screwed. They fought each other for the boon of being included in his 'beat-the-system' plans. Besides, weaseling the poor out of all they have is barely a misdemeanor.

Not that I really care. Kill him if it makes the world feel better. But our system just isn't run that way and we DONT use a bullet. We use a set up that requires special rooms, special training, and a mandatory appeals process that takes years and REQUIRES hundred of thousands to be spent on the whole process.

Plus: I DO strongly favor the idea that killing a cop is worse than running a pyramid scheme on the Ivy League alumni. It should be a worse punishment.

But then, that's all screwed by the fact that I'm probably the last guy in the world to still believe that hanging me from a rope in the public square would be a better option than locking me in an ugly building with assholes for the next 50 years. I'd pick the rope anyday.

I also think for lesser offenses I would much rather have a good solid public beating than say, a couple years or community service. Just get it the fuck over with and be done.
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Originally Posted by Davek View Post
I've heard that said many times before but guess I don't know the details. Are we talking just monetary expense? If so, how much do those chemicals cost that they inject with? What are the other expenses?

What about those cases where it gets to the final minute with the vic strapped to the table and all that jazz before a stay of execution?
All the appeals and such is where a lot of the cost is.
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Originally Posted by GraemeFaelban View Post
All the appeals and such is where a lot of the cost is.
So it's not the actual execution then. So those on death row that are more costly to keep alive compared to gen-pop prisioners.
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