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Originally posted by Aamrie
I say that alot to isnt a personal jab at wasnt me making the 'juvenile' comment that was stated earlier. It wasnt me making a 'jab' at my age. It was just a statement.
It sucks to be her...but its not like she wont be back there in a day or two trying to get another ring for someone else who is either too low level to get it themselves or too lazy....either way

~Another disclaimer~ damn edit.

To clarify ahead of time...since we seem to like personal jabs...that isnt one...just stating the facts ma'am.
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Originally posted by Aamrie

when you 'pharm" for crap like the AC ring...that is your "sole" purpose there....and usually most of the people who are there for it; dont need the ring.
Crap? It might be crap to you, since you are in a big guild. Its definitely not crap to others. The use of your word "crap" is subjective. :-)

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Alau, Rants and Flames is like a double edged sword....If you come here thinking that you can get support from the whole E-Marr server for this case, then I'm sorry dear, but you're wrong.

Usually when I get mad at someone in-game, I take it out on the rats that get caught in my mousetraps. I swear, there are a million ways you can kill em that would even put Kenny of SouthPark to shame

Sorry ya got screwed over the AC but I would suggest ya level a few before taking him on again. An SK can EASILY KS ya so I suggest getting some stronger nukes or have a friendly neighbourhood wizzie with Ice Comet or draught line of spells come along
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poor little rats.
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