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Ahhw now Brigiid you force me to become human for a moment.

You seek truth, there is no truth. Because truth is subjective. It should NOT
be subjective, and reality suggests that it ISNT subjective, and yet, it is USED subjectively.

I dont claim you are deluded or blind. I think you come to different conclusions than I do because you have a different 'end' in sight.

No one claims that your conclusion is 'less' valid than my own. It is just

It is for these types of reasons that I place 'MY' bias up front. There is not a man on this forum that doesnt know how I feel about Bush.
I parade my bias, so that everyone that reads what I say, knows 'where' I am comming from. Even Zolmaz.

If I felt you were delibretly distorting truth, I would tell you. This I have not done. I chide you to simply look at things a different way. That is all.

Have you ever seen a party in EQ where one person accuses another of
Have you ever known people on BOTH sides of that argument?
If you have....have you ever felt more helpless in trying to reconcile them?

And that is just a game.
“It is clear that the individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion, is a monster.”


'For those with faith, no proof is needed. For those without faith, no proof is enough'

French Priest
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