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Default Monk Sites

Is Monkly-Business the only monk site now? I seem to remember another but not the name or address.
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Benadeb Kara'Meka
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i only know of Monkly Business, i think that is the only one, i have check for others tho.
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There is Feigned for the high level crowd. You get more knowledgable and intelligent discussion there of the time+ game.
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Bah, they're all so l33t ub3r d00ds that if you aren't from a guild they recognise they won't let you in. I guess us n00bs r pwn3d.
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Old 09-22-2004, 08:15 AM   #5
Irulan Dunedancer
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Anyone else having problems going to Monkly-Business? I keep getting "You are not authorized to view this page," but I have no idea why, unless my stepdad decided to block it for some bizarre reason.
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It's not just you Irulan. I just tried it and got the same message for Not the slightest clue what the Sleazyboard address is to try it directly though.
Sensei Blaesteil
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