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Default Adellion


What distinguishes Adellion from other MMORPGs is that we are mmoRpgs. The other games out there currently can more aptly be described as "roll-play" instead of "role-play" In essence, playing your character gets thrown in as "second fiddle" to your "stats". Whether you have two points more strength than the next guy determines your status. Adellion is all about role-play. It's about playing your character in a simulated world. But this is only the beginning of what makes our project something new, and different.

You can find the official FAQ here
You can find screenshots and art here
You can play an online demo here (requires plug-in)

Beta status:
Beta hasn't started yet. I have no idea when it will either. If you want to get into beta, you'll have to sign-up for the newsletter at the main page

Fan sites:
Adellion Stratics
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