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Default The IRC Bible!

T|-| \/\/0R|> 0|= 60|>!

Some of the best excerpts: Adam & Eve

* Jehova has joined #Eden
<Jehova> Now, let's make that man.
* Jehova models some dust and clay
* Jehova breaths in the nostrils
<Jehova> That should do the trick
* Adam has joined #Eden
<Adam> w00t
<Jehova> quite
<Jehova> listen up, adam
<Jehova> I got some trees up there, and one of them is Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
<Jehova> If you eat from that tree, I'll kickban your ass
<Adam> k, dude, relax
<Jehova> Almost forgot, I have some companions for you
* Bunch_of_animals has joined #Eden
<Bunch_of_animals> Boo, hiss, rattle
<Adam> Jeez, great
<Jehova> erm, Adam
<Jehova> You're not supposed to do that with a chicken
<Jehova> nm, I'll create another companion for you
<Jehova> You go to sleep now
* Adam is now known as Adam|zZz
* Jehova takes Adam|zZz's rib and builds a woman
<Jehova> there
* Eve has joined #Eden
<Adam|zZz> w00t!!1
* Adam|zZz is now known as Adam
<Adam> ASL?
<Eve> newborn, female, eden!
<Adam> omg! me too, but male
<Eve> omfg! you're nekkid!
<Adam> so what! your too!
<Eve> lol
* Jehova sighs
<Jehova> bbl
* Jehova has left #Eden
* Serpent has joined #Eden
<Serpent> Pssst! he said you can't eat the fruit?
<Eve> Yeah, so?
<Serpent> lol, u wont die, eat a fruit!
* Eve munches
<Eve> You eat too, Adam, or I won't go down on you
<Adam> mmm-kay
* Adam munches
<Eve> NOOO, WTF!
<Adam> I feel so drrrty
<Serpent> lmao
It's teh 1337!
One of the wonders of the world is going down
It's going down I know
It's one of the blunders of the world that no-one cares
No-one cares enough

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SOE Applicant: Here is my resume.
SOE Interviewer: It's half finished.
SOE Applicant: So are your products.
SOE Interviewer: You're hired.
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