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Default Error Message!!

Ok, every time I load the game and run the patch, I get the error message:

Could not create DC at W32STI_CalcFont(): Error 0

Does someone, somewhere know what on earth I can do about this?

Yours Desperately.
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No clue lol..sorry that's not much help. That's a weird one for sure..never seen it or heard of it before.
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If I were to hazard a guess from the data given...

I would say you have a windows *.dll file error.

In which case you would need to either

a) reinstall windows..


b) repair windows..

(if you have xp, revert to an older date)

If you dont want to do all that, try reinstalling Direct X first...if that dont work, your left with a ) and b ).

Not much to go on here, but if it happened to me, thats where I would start looking.
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I was getting this same error on 5 different PC's while downloading the LDoN files, but it didn't appear to actually affect anything. Restarting my machines and starting the patcher again completed the file downloads for me, and I haven't seen the error since. I checked the EverQuest Tecnical Support Forums and found a lot of other people experiencing the same problem that day. The unofficial fix, which seemed to work for a lot of us, was to just ignore it. Although it looks like some people still get this message repeatedly and they can't even play, like yourself.

The CSR's would make random stops into these threads and ask that everyone make sure that all of their drivers were up to date, etc. Some people went as far as wiping out their machines and starting from scratch with the most recent versions of everything - still got the error. Check the posts there, post your dxdaig info, etc. and maybe they can sort it out.
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