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Default Windows ME is da debil!!

OK,..... I can't take this anymore, I need some advice or I do believe I will set a record for the longest dropkick of a computer in history.

Once a year I totally reformat my HD to eliminate whatever junk has acumulated, and store what i want on a burned cd till the reinstallation.

SO.. two days ago, /format c: /u
then reinstalled winME, went to the windows update site and downloaded DX9,latest IE, and the important updates.

reinstalled sound card, everything was Ok to this point.

Then I went to the nvidia site and got the latest driver for my gainward geoforce4 64meg vid card.

installed it, rebooted as instructed, all seemd well until I attempted to change the resolution from 640,480 back to 1024, 768.

The resolution slider bar is now locked in 640,480 mode.

/em jumps screaming from the roof, foam dripping from his mouth.

reformatted, reinstalled winme,reinstalled dx9, vid drivers multiple times, to no avail.

/em gnaws on the corner of the monitor in frustration.

i clicked the tag change color without restarting, and it seems the only way i can actually change the resolution is in 16 color mode, yet it requests a reboot, then reapperes at the old 640, 480 crap crap.

occasionally it will like majic, after a reboot, let me change the
resolution, but then also, after the nessisary reboot, appear in 640,480.(high color)

retried the last three nvidia driver releases( all previously worked), and still get the same damn situation.

the vid card is only 6 months old, and had never previously given me a headache so I dont think this is it.

The only thing for the life I can think of the the monitor I am using(Sony trinitron cpd 100-es), the .inf driver for it, although it has always worked in the past has never been updated by sony, scince win 95.

Doesn't the monitor .inf file determine what reolutions win can display?

any ideas or anything would be greatly apprecaited, computer withdrawl is a terrible thing to behold.

/em throws the noose over the rafters
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Try: boot into Safe mode--> system--> hardware device manager---> vid card---> get rid of all of them (if there's more than one you have the prob). Next check monitor, if there's more than one it's like that's the rest of the problem. Re-start comp and if no luck maybe its drain cmos day, repeat. Oh yeh, if you can do it on ME, scanreg when done.

Maybe that's it?


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The gfx driver you're trying to install is not finding your gfx card. I'd summise that either 1. You have the wrong driver, or 2. It's not being installed in the correct way.

Treble check which driver you downloaded (ie make sure it's for ME if that's what you use). When you download the driver there should be a readme.txt file - read it and follow the instructions it gives for ME installation. If it has none: go to the device manager and uninstall your Gfx card. Then reboot, run setup.exe from your downloaded driver and let it add the gfx card to the machine.

I'm in a rush so not very fleshed out, but these instructions should sort you out. And you're right on thinking ME is the devil btw, get 2K or XP and you'll find things much more stable.
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If you're using a VIA chipset, install the latest 4-in-1 drivers. I've seen this happen a million times with that being the problem.
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