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Default WTS Earthshaker

Willing to part with Earthshaker for 6 million pp or best offer. PM me here and I'll catch you in game.

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Too much for something that just got hit with the nerf bat from hell, IMO.

But, good luck selling it.
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Weapon procs will now only fire on the player's main target.
ouch, that hurts... all of the people holding out for tons of pp just got fuk'd by sony lol. besides, didnt they nerf the disc used with ES to like half its timer like 2 years ago when people were wiping out PoFire with them?
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Send a message via AIM to Netura
If you are still selling this, I will buy it.

But not for 6 million plat. Come up with a reasonable amount for a neat item that no longer drops/is no longer functional and necessary (ala circlet of shadow, manastone, etc) and shoot me a tell on Wackumz or Netura in game.
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